1. Dive Training Part 3 (The Shark)

    Date: 7/5/2016, Categories: BDSM, Author: ChrisM, Source: LushStories

    exhausted and her head drops listlessly across Vicky’s ass. Vicky and Kate slowly untangle themselves and come back to inspect the victim. Vicky kneels behind her and tastes my cum which is oozing out of the ravaged ass. She licks it up and probes for more with her tongue. Kate crawls under her friend, pulls out the dildo and sucks out the drippings from Janice’s cunt. Finally, we release her. We stretch out, rub her cramped body, and get her a beer. She lies supine on the floor with a glazed look. Vicky stares at her and asks, “Well miss am I a dyke ?” Grinning for the first time Janice cheekily answers, “Yes, and I love it.” “Well miss as your further punishment you get detention for one week after school. We will pursue your ass training during these sessions.” Kate meanwhile has crawled up to where I am sitting recuperating on the floor. “Chris,” she asks, “Do I get my ass fucked too?” “Yes love,” I say, “I would love to do that a little later. I need to recover first.” Finally, Janice asks to leave, as she has to meet her parents. Kate, Vicky, and I go and soak in the hot tub. We spend the rest of the weekend sharing ourselves and performing all the positions and variants and going beyond anything that is described in the Kamasutra. ...
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aftermath: Three months latter Kate moved in with me. We got married the week she graduated from college. She now runs my Scuba operations while I take care of sales and instruction. She is very sexual and very bi. She and her former Dean still have a relationship, which she allows me to share. She also has on occasion seduced both customers and students, male and female for our mutual pleasure. Janice is now a real slut. I was not aware that she was not the natural daughter of her parents. She was an adopted child. After her natural parents passed away when she was in her mid-teens her parent’s best friends adopted her. Her parents were intimate with Vicky who regularly attended orgies and swing parties held at their home. At the end of the year PTA meetings, her adoptive parents on entering the Dean’s Office found Janice naked on her knees with the spreader bar stretching her out. Her stepfather proceeded to fuck both her openings and she ended up eating her stepmother’s cunt and ass. Today she is the centerpiece of the parties held at her house and is extremely popular with all the participants both male and female. We still occasionally have her over for a visit. All three of them were finally certified as Scuba Divers.