1. All for her

    Date: 5/6/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: nwfun, Source: LushStories

    I had a business trip to the Bay Area so I took an extra couple of days and wandered up to Marin (north of the Golden Gate Bridge) were I used to live. I went to one of my favorite nude beaches though the weather was not great. There were people on the textile side but it seemed there was no one on the nude side. As I wandered over I met a woman, probably in her mid fifties, and we spoke for a minute. She was living in the area now but had lived in Puget Sound where I am now. I started to climb over some rocks to get to the nude beach, and she followed, commenting on how she thought since I went she could make it (with help) as well. Once we got over the rocks and I confirmed no one was there, I was disappointed. I turned and said, “This used to be a nude beach.” She responded that it still was. I wondered if I should stay or wander up to the next nude beach further up the way near Stinson Beach. Finally I turned and asked the woman, “Do you mind if I…?” and gestured to my clothes. She said, “No problem, it is a nude beach,” with a bit of a sarcastic tone given that no one else was there. I said thanks, and as I started to pull off my shirt, I told her how my girlfriend and I were into CFNM (clothed female, nude male) situations so this was a perfect. We believe it to be liberating for women when men are nude while they were not. Really it is more that it is their choice not to be nude or not, while the man was in a more vulnerable situation. I was down to my underwear and ... said, “This is it, still okay?” She smirked and told me, “Of course, liberate me,” as I hooked my thumbs into the waistband. I pulled them off and stood in front of her completely nude. In comparison, she was wearing a light long sleeve shirt with Capri-style pants; so quite the opposite of me at this point. I laid out my towel and we sat down. She did her best to not stare but clearly was interested in the fact that I was now naked (as anyone would be). We continued to talk for a while and I found out she was recently divorced and it had been messy. After about twenty minutes, I asked her to go for a walk with me, not that the beach was long, but I wanted us to stretch our legs as well as show off a bit. I pulled the belt out from my jeans and she looked at it curiously but did not make a comment. As we walked, I told her my girlfriend and I believe that a woman giving a spanking to her partner was a part of the liberating process – it allowed a form of control and freedom that was “different”. She was quiet for a bit and then asked, “So your girlfriend spanks you?” I said smiling, “Yes, usually weekly, to help burn off any extra frustration.” As we reached the far end of the beach, I turned and handed her the belt. I said, “Here we are, I am completely nude and you have the belt. You are free to do what you would like with it.” As I finished, I turned my backside to her and bent over a rock. “Do what we both know you need to do.” There was a pause for several seconds and then ...