1. Lanie Wants A Spanking

    Date: 5/9/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: breeguildford, Source: LushStories

    “You’re very distracting, you know that?” Logan tried his hardest to sound annoyed but they both knew he was enjoying the distraction provided by his girlfriend, modelling her latest purchase. “Don’t you like my dress?” Lanie did a good job of sounding innocent as she pouted at him in that sexy way of hers. “Quite the opposite,” Logan declared, his eyes running over her dress for the billionth time. “I hope I will look the part at this awards show,” Lanie sighed and Logan could tell she wasn’t faking the concern in her voice. “Looking the part?” Logan smirked. He stood up from where he was seated at the kitchen table, ignoring the paperwork he had brought home to do. “You are going to be the most beautiful woman there,” he reassured her and wasn’t lying when he added, “every other woman will pale in comparison to you.” “You’re just saying that because you have to.” Lanie rolled her eyes at him. He wasn’t just saying it. The emerald green dress she wore looked as if it had been custom made for her. It had a plunging neckline that stopped one millimeter short of being too risqué and managed to look classy instead. And the way the fabric skimmed over her hips and waist was extremely alluring. Her already perfect-in-his-eyes hourglass figure was somehow even more breathtaking than usual and, the longer he took in those curves he loved so dearly, the harder it became to concentrate on anything. It didn’t help that the blood flow to his brain seemed to have been diverted to his ... cock, which was fast waking up and standing to attention. “If I didn’t like your dress, would I be in this state right now?” he asked, motioning toward the growing tent in his pants. Lanie flashed him a sexy smile and he approached her, stopping when he was close enough to put his hands on her hips. “You haven’t seen the back view yet,” Lanie reminded him and slowly turned around. Logan forgot to breathe as he took in the sight. Her ass. Holy fucking hell. He had been hard before she’d turned around but his cock was now rock solid… and his palm had started to itch. Logan didn’t give her a chance to turn back around and, with his hands on her hips, directed her across the room to the counter that separated the dining room from the kitchen. Lanie placed her hands on the countertop and stuck her ass out. Oh yes, she knew him so well. Logan rubbed his hand slowly over her ass, his cock twitching excitedly as his fingers followed the curve around. He stopped when he heard a whimper from Lanie. Not wanting to risk ruining what was clearly a very expensive dress, Logan unzipped the gown and helped her out of it then placed it on the counter beside them. She had no panties on and when Logan ran his hand down the curve of her ass again, Lanie whimpered and tilted her hips back. He heard her breath hitch as he broke the contact between her skin and his hand and as he brought the hand down on her ass she let out a loud moan of either pleasure or relief. Maybe it was both. Exactly how long ...