1. Mike Spanked While on Business in London

    Date: 5/11/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: Angelheart, Source: LushStories

    My name is Angie and my husband Mike started to spank me soon after we were married. He first spanked me when I forgot to set the burglar alarm. Shortly after that I was chatting to my mum and it came out in the conversation and before I knew it she and I were spanking Mike for something he’d done wrong. Both Mum and I got very excited watching him being stripped and caned and judging from our time in bed afterwards, so did Mike. That was a few months ago and we’d continued to spank each other a few times since. Mike came home bursting to tell me something. He told me he was being considered for a promotion and would be going away to work in the London office for a week as part of his training. I was so excited for him and of course too at the prospect of a pay rise as we were having to be very thrifty. “Presumably they’ll put you up somewhere in London,” I said He looked a little embarrassed, “Er, no, I have to find somewhere as it’s in my interest to have this trial period.” “We can’t afford it Mike,” I told him, “we’re struggling as it is, and a week in London!” Mike said “But I’ve no option.” We sat in silence for a moment and then I had a brainwave. “You can stay with mum in Chelsea. That won’t cost you anything and she can keep an eye on you.” I added with a smile. “What do you mean, keep an eye on me?” “You know very well. I’m not having you wandering free round London. Mum will make sure you behave all week.” I could see Mike wasn’t keen but he knew as well as me ... that it made sense. By the time Mike got home the following night I had spoken to Mum and it was all agreed. We’d discussed all the fine details and I knew she’d keep him in tow. Mum said she’d make sure he behaved himself and she’d get him to tell me all about his time there. I could tell from Mum’s voice she was looking forward to it. The week of his trip came round and Mike was ready and packed. “I’ve just telephoned your mum to see if there’s anything I need to take and your sister Sarah answered the phone.” “Well, she lives there when she’s not at uni. It’s not a problem, Mum’s got loads of room in her house,” I reminded him. “It’s just that, er, I dunno...” he tailed off lamely. I had a feeling he was remembering the occasion when both Mum and Sarah had spanked him in our house. I dropped him at the station and waved him off with a reminder that he was to tell me everything that went on. As it turned out I didn’t have to wait for him to return home, I had phone calls from Mum every other day giving me blow by blow accounts, literally. It seems that the first day he’d gone straight in to the office and begun his trial period determined to show his worth. Mum had dinner prepared for 7.00pm as agreed with Mike but he had not appeared. Mum explained that when it got to 7.30 they had to eat the meal as it would have spoiled. Mum had then tried phoning Mike but his mobile was switched off. Eventually she’d got through to the office around 8.30 and explained she was just checking ...