1. Friendship Bands

    Date: 5/11/2017, Categories: Trans, Author: lana100, Source: xHamster

    Chapter 1: At the Market John and Craig were old friends, right back to when they were both k**s causing trouble around the streets of South London. As they grew into men they'd both had a keen eye for the girls and had no shortage of success. They made a good team. John was a natural leader with his broad shoulders, 6ft 2in height, dark hair and handsome features. The girls would all swoon over him. Craig was usually happy to provide back-up, chatting up the best friend of John's preferred girl for the night and saying what a great guy John was. &#034John's got hidden depths,&#034 he'd often say, which the girls loved to hear and made both the guys laugh like crazy afterwards. John was definitely not a man of hidden depths. John was always quick to return the favour though. Craig benefited from being John's wing-man, taking home some beautiful girls who may have been initially attracted by John but were quite happy in the end to sl**p with Craig. He was only a little smaller, at around 6ft, and his fair hair and high cheekbones lent him an air of sophistication. John may have been the butch hero type, but Craig appealed to the girls who liked a little more sophistication and conversation in their men. Every year they took a holiday together to one of the resorts in Southern Spain that were full of d***ken British girls, and it was the highlight of their year. You could pretty much choose any girl at one of the endless beachside parties, put your hand on her shoulder, mutter ... some sweet nothings in her ear, and she'd be falling into your arms practically begging you to take her home and have your way with her - several times. The guys felt like boys in the world's best sweet shop. Just lick your lips, take your choice and enjoy! John wasn't usually the sentimental type but after a couple of lunchtime drinks, as they wandered through a vibrant street market full of little trinkets, a thought suddenly struck him. Craig had been his best mate for what seemed like forever and here they were living the good life together. It would be nice to have a little souvenir of that, something to mark the great friendship they'd formed. Was there a cool pair of friendship bands somewhere in this market that would just, in a very masculine way (nothing girly), be a mark of their closeness. The thought had hardly occurred to him when he saw just the thing! Two sleek thin metal bands, very similar and covered in obscure little symbols, with one coloured gold and the other silver. He went up to the store for a better look. As a bonus, the vendor turned out to be a charming bit of eye candy with silky black hair past her shoulders and &#034take me to bed&#034 big brown eyes. She was dressed modestly but her slim figure looked like it would be a lot of fun in the sack. Perhaps, thought John, he'd get a little bonus out of this transaction. &#034Buenos dias senorita,&#034 said John with his most winning smile and allowed his eyes to drift briefly down towards her chest ...