1. My Wife, Bev, Agrees to Take A Lover

    Date: 5/12/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Voyeur, Author: imornery81, Source: xHamster

    coat my lips and tongue as I worked her little hooded clit over with the best of my skill. I pulled out my pinky and lined up the two fingers to fill her quivering pussy… and my pinky pressed its way deep into her back door as I saw Lisa grab a pillow and pull it over her own face as she began screaming and swearing and calling me every name in the book! I showed her no mercy and taking a page from having watched her nearly kill my wife, I opened my mouth wide over the clitoral region and tongued and sucked for all I was worth as I pounded her lower holes over and over again fucking her in a manner I could only imagine would leave her walking oddly for days! She was just beginning to return to earth and I was barely moving inside of her when there was a banging on the door. “Would you guys knock it off in there!?!?&#034 Some of us in this building would like to fucking get some sl**p!” We all looked at each other and spontaneously all broke into a fit of laughter that we had to struggle to keep from allowing grow to louder decibels than the previous sounds had been! A restroom break was in line for each of the ladies and then we decided we could all do with a shower. By the time we tumbled back into bed, the clock on the nightstand said it was nearly 3:30 a.m. With a woman curled up under each arm I was contentedly about to drift off to sl**p when Bev said, “Hey, we still owe you your orgasm, don’t we?” Lisa raised her head and looked across my chest at my ...
    wife and then they both looked up at me with suddenly disapproving looks. “I guess watching you be so happy dear, I lost control.” The two ladies looked at each other then back at me. “Yeah, but we had to keep from screaming while being violated in every possible way! You got off easy!!” Lisa accused. Neither of them said another word but dove face first beneath the cover and my cock and balls were suddenly treated to the heavenly experience of having the mouths of two nymphomaniac women doing everything within their power to make me die of an orgasm. Of course, having both hands exploring the lower holes of those same two women at the same time made the final minutes before 4:00 a.m. memorable to me in ways that I cannot express!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Writing this story is reward in and of itself…. As is evidenced by the stains in the front of my pants! But I never know on XH whether people like or hate these stories or if more than two or three people ever read them from beginning to end! (The views could be from people that read the first couple paragraphs and move on!!) So if you liked this story, cast a vote, leave a comment, PM me. I have not written many stories like this. Is this something you want more of? And if you don’t have a membership, go get a temporary email address and become a member. That way you can save your favorites and help direct the content that is posted here!!! Stop lurking and join the XH Universe!!!!!