1. Sleazy Bar

    Date: 5/13/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Black, Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Job / Office Sex, Reluctance, Spanking, Author: obeyyourpunisher, Source: sexstories.com

    Sara is a gorgeous 22 year old college girl struggling to make ends meet. She had just recently gotten hired at a sleazy local bar, and being desperate for money she agrees to take the job given how much they promised she would be making. Little did she know, that she was getting in way over her head. Sara is a gorgeous typical college girl, turning heads everywhere she went. Guys always wanted a piece of her, and it came as no surprise that the patrons of the bar instantly fell for her good looks. Joe, the bar owner, saw an opportunity right away and decided to capitalize on it. She was to offer certain...extras..not on the menu for an additional income, and if she refused to comply, he would get her fired. Needing the money, Sara sees no other option but to comply at least for the coming semester.. Sara shows up to work for her regular Thursday night shift, dressed in her usual slutty work outfit. Short shorts, and a low cut tank top exposing her perky tits and midriff.. She reports to her boss at the back right away as he smirks at her, silently Sara walks up to him slides on her knees between his legs under the desk and unzips his pants. "Just on time slut" Joe says with a smirk as he feels her soft hands fishing his cock out, then her warm wet mouth engulfing his rock hard cock, wasting no time she starts bobbing her head up and down slurping and slobbering over his cock until he grunts and shoots his load in the back of her throat, holding her head down roughly until ... he finishes. He smirks "you better get going now, long shift ahead". Sara heads to the bathroom to clean up, and quickly grabs a menu as she goes to a table with an overweight greasy looking guy who starts eyeing her right away. Unbeknownst to her, Sara's father had heard rumors of what she's doing and decided to go check the place out. He sits in a dark corner as he sees his baby girl approaching the fat guy: "What can I get for you sir?" Sara exclaims with a fake cheerful attitude as she feels the guy's eyes undressing her "Get me a shot of whiskey, and a piece of that ass sweetcheeks" he exclaims with a smirk, as Sara disappears and returns with his drink.. He pulls her in his lap as she lets out a cry of shock.. "so I heard rumors that you guys have a ..new menu?" he says, while his hands are roaming and exploring her body, groping her perky tits. Frank, Sara's daddy, watches on in shock as he sees her baby girl getting violated and harassed like that. Sara gives him a breakdown of the menu as he whispers in her ear something... She pulls the strap of her top to the side exposing her tit to him as he latches on to it and starts sucking on it and biting down on her nipple. Frank watches from afar and after a while notices her hand moving ever so slightly under the table, but it's obvious what she's doing. After a couple of mins of doing that, the guy grunts in pleasure and pushes on her head whispering something as Sara lowers her head under the table for a few seconds and ...