1. Chronicles of Meridiana -- excerpt #5

    Date: 5/15/2017, Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Author: bigfella1313, Source: xHamster

    Sick of writing cute intros. Here's the next part: My lust had finally faded to a dull ache, and a little energy had returned. I flipped the butt away, grabbed one of the unopened bottles of soda, the pack of smokes and my stash box and headed back into the unknown, for more of the mind-twisting pleasures these two girls were bringing to me. They were locked in a sixty-nine on the bed when I came back in, and it looked like they were on the road to a big finish. Each was kind of on her side so no one was on top or bottom, their heads curled into the space between the other's thighs. Their noises were a****listic, almost roaring openmouthed into each other's squirming quims, their movements urgent but rhythmic and totally synced to one another. It was like some kind of mad scientist's perpetual fuck machine and I was back up to full mast within seconds of walking through the door. I had to carefully take my pants back off to avoid stimulating myself too much and in dismay I realized that despite my taking a little break, I wasn't really going to be able to do much without blowing another load almost immediately. They took no notice of me at all as they moved ever closer to spending themselves onto each other. Their bodies were shiny with sweat and their pussy juices, and I was struck at how different and yet how complementary their bodies were. Diana was rounded, soft, voluptutous, smooth, a tiny gyrating package of slippery pink sweetness. Her pussy was shaved bald and her ... plump labia engulfed Sabrina's entire mouth; Sabrina’s cheeks puffed and hollowed as she sucked and worked with her tongue. Her whole body was lean and hard, just as I had imagined, muscles flexing and standing out rigid along her ribs and bony back, her pussy concealed beneath a dark muff of matted, damp hair. I could see Diana's long pink tongue snaking through it over and over again, and she was jamming a few of her fingers in rapidly next to her tongue. Her other hand gripped one of Sabrina's flexing ass cheeks. I couldn't even think about touching my cock as I moved closer, dropping the shit I was carrying onto the desk beside the lamp. It felt like a heavy iron bar attached to me, arching up then curving down like a rainbow-- the wide purple mushroom head must have been the pot of gold, I mused to myself, almost bringing out a laugh. I shouldn't even have looked at it, really, as its size and angry, veiny, bulging girth was inflaming even to me. It sure looked ready to do some work. Slimy, watery precum dripped steadily off the tip as it throbbed, tasting the air, seeking the soft, damp places that squirmed erotically before me. I desperately wanted to fuck, but I knew I wouldn't get five strokes before the inevitable. Mr. Willy didn't care about that-- but I did. These two deserved nothing less than my best. I had impressions to make. Sabrina was going to get hers first, it seemed. She abruptly raised up from Diana's crotch, pushing her arms straight and locking her ...