1. Slave Of a Sith Chapter- 1

    Date: 5/15/2017, Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, BDSM, Domination / Submission, Lesbian, Female Domination, Lesbian, Hardcore, Slavery, Author: starwarsfreak, Source: sexstories.com

    Slave Of A Sith This is the first story I have ever wrote please do not hate. This story is based around the Clone wars times. ---------------------------------- I am Ahsoka Tano a padawan learner under the wing of master Anakin Skywalker. He has been my master for over a year now, he has been training me to eventually become a Jedi knight. Growing up from a small age I was trained to be Jedi and learned from a youngling up. I never spent much time of my teenage years as a free teen so I had not experienced and sort of sexuality until one day… Me and Master Skywalker had been sent on a hunting mission for Asajj Ventress an assassin under the command of the Sith we had chased her down to a big cave opening with two different tunnels, one going right one going left. “We must split up to cover more ground. I’ll go left you go right,” ordered Anakin. “Ok I will contact you on the com link if I find her” I answered. I quickly darted down the tunnel with curiosity. Further down the tunnel it started getting darker and quieter. After about 10 minutes I decided to check in with master Anakin to make sure everything was okay on his end. “Everything going okay over on your side?” Ahsoka asked. “yes, no signs of Asji yet keep looking report back to me soon” he replied I started hearing weird things moving around me quickly almost inhuman like quickly. The next thing I knew I was hanging by chains in a dark room with some sort of collar wrapped around my neck. There was just enough ... light to see my comlink smashed in the far right corner of the room. I was fully clothed apart from my comlink and Lightsaber missing from my person. Time wore on and I slowly fell back to sleep. I woke again with a hard slap across my face. “Wake up Bitch” before there had been nothing attached to my face now I had a ball gag in my mouth preventing me from speaking. I tried yelling for help but all that could be heard were muffled cries. I opened my eyes and there was Asji Ventress fully nude holding some sort of controller in her hand. “I see you are still following Skywalkers command” Ventress spat at me. I tried to reply with a comeback but only muffles could be heard. Ventress laughed loudly in mockery. “See I have been in the need of some company lately so I have decided that I will take you under my wing and make you my personal slut slave” Ventress said. Again I Tried to scream in terror nothing was heard. All of the sudden a jolt went there my body like an electrical wave. After a few short seconds the shock ended. “ everytime you try and do something I am not happy with I will give you a shock” She snapped. Asji started running her hand over my thigh. I just couldn’t help take a look at Ventress’s body. Her big juicy ass and large perky breasts were very attractive. I had no idea of what was coming over myself Ventress Slowly moved in to kiss me and I allowed it unable to control the emotions I was experiencing. After close to a minute she broke the kiss and said “After ...