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    Date: 5/18/2017, Categories: BDSM, Gay, Trans, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster

    At what age it can be definitely classed as that, is for lawmakers and judges to decide. UK law is clear but not always a realistic guide. For reasons of shame or guilt many gay or trans youngsters have found that casual sex with much older adults was the only discreet way of exploring their own sexuality, before they felt ready to step into the more familiar minefield of emotional relationships with people nearer their own age. An age-limit there must undoubtedly be, and obviously for the protection of vulnerable young teenagers it has to be rather a blunt tool. But many adults (and not all of them 'retro-fantasisers'!) have told me they were co-erced by no-one at 13 and 14, 11 in the case of one friend, into acts which the adults with them could clearly have been arrested for on grounds of 'paedophilia'. But the men themselves, at least in the stories recounted to me, were certainly guilty of little more than a helping hand or providing a rudimentary sexual 'road-map', not the more universally despised 'predatory paedophilia' the tabloids - so gleefully! - miss no opportunity to describe... My justifications for those parts of the novel where real paedophile urges - of an absolutely unacceptable kind in any context other than fiction - are 'voiced' are A) that I know them to be far more common as fantasies than seems to be recognised officially, from first-hand experience of the men I have served over the years. B) From the age of 12 onwards, as my transvestism took full ... hold, I repeatedly had them myself, always as the 'victim' of such scenarios and often visualising myself even younger than I was, to increase my 'helplessness' in the fantasy. Indeed my own real-life woodland ramblings as a TV teen were intended to make them come true! The worst thoughts some of my characters express were no worse than the nastiest fate I dreamed of and longed for for myself - at 13 or 14. C) I believe in my personal right to think any thought I choose, however wicked others may find it and even to write it down for other adults to read. I do not believe reading Mein Kampf 20 times could turn me into a Nazi, nor do I believe reading my novel (or any other for that matter) can turn someone into a paedophile... Read on. AMSTERDAM A novel by Suki Slut Chapter 1 I am a transvestite. I started wearing my mother's and s****r's things when I was 13. One day when I was 14 I went up to the woods that backed onto our garden. About half a mile from our house I found a quiet spot in the middle of a large clump of rhododendron bushes and stripped off my jacket and jeans. Under them I was wearing stockings, suspenders, bra and panties. The thrill of knowing someone might catch me like that was indescribable. Soon ISoon I was regularly slipping up there. The first time I took some of my mother's high heels and wore them in the wood transformed the excitement I felt. My body seemed to change, pushing out my bottom more, forcing my hips to sway girlishly. The uneven forest ...