1. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 4, Chapter 3: Virgin Delight

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    The Knight and the Acolyte Chapter Three: Virgin Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Journeyman Mage Faoril – Esh-Esh, The Magery of Thosi The market place before the docks on Lake Esh bustled with travelers, locals, and merchants, a vast, busy tide that ebbed and flowed. I walked with Thrak, he crowds paring before my orcish lover like the waves before the knifing prow of a ship. Everyone gave the huge, hulking, ferocious, barbaric Thrak a wide birth, the already pale, Thosian faces growing even whiter as they hurried by. It amused Thrak. A smile crossed his lips studded with bone piercings. The summer heat gripped Esh-Esh, but the cool breeze off the lake helped to mitigate the heat of the sun's rays. My eyes were supposed to be moving through the assembled shops, but my gaze kept shooting to the ivory pillar of the Collegiate Tower that dominated the city. Its golden beacon was second only in brilliance to the sun setting over the lake. I missed the Tower. I had dreamed of spending my days their in research as a Master Mage, discovering new ways to utilize the five elements. Eventually, I would have joined the Magery Council and administer the affairs of Thosi and the Mages trained by the Tower. I did not look out at the lake where the Island lay. I would not linger on my abject failure that cost me my chance to become a Master and done the black robes. I was stuck in the red. But if the Quest succeeded, and I cast the Ritual of Reclamation on the Altar of Souls and ... reforged the High King's Sword, I would prove that I had the skills to at least take the test to be a Master again. “You keep staring at the tower,” Thrak rumbled. “I know,” I flushed, prying my eyes away. “It's hard to let go of that which we love.” His voice was tinged with the melancholy of his wife's passing. Twice he had lost her. “Very hard.” I took a deep breath. I needed to focus. I hoped to find a map among the many merchants that sold books and parchments. The Dwarven Kingdom of Modan that had fallen 207 years ago, so it would be difficult to find one. Modan was the only place that adamantium, the metal which the blade was crafted from, could be found. But the dwarven mines were lost to a great evil that broke their kingdom's back. I tried not to dwell on what our next step in the Quest entailed. Descending into the tunnels of Modan to find any ore would be as dangerous as facing the Dragon Dominari at the Quest's end. Maybe more so. At least we knew what we faced with Dominari. No one knew what befell Modan. I stopped at the next book vendor. With the Magery Council and a college to train new mages in Esh-Esh, any oddity, artifact, object, or old knowledge was brought to the city in the hope that a mage would find value in it. It made reasonable sense. That was why we had detoured to Esh-Esh instead of taking the slightly straighter route from Allenoth south to the Lesh-Ke Mountains. If I had my wits about me, we would have procured the map before leaving Esh-Esh. ...