1. My t-girl experience

    Date: 5/19/2017, Categories: Trans, Author: surfsup18, Source: xHamster

    so I FINALLY got with this t-girl named Chrissy, turns out my gay friend from school Martin calls me up, he's like, ya wanna go to this special club with me? oh yah! :) so I meet him there & he's def'ly dressed as queer bate! lol I wore a skirt & a cute sleeveless top cause it's still hot as f*ck here even in october, Martin's in white shorts & a pink golf shirt. he flashes me his undies outside the club, he's wearin like, the tiniest thong - ever! plus he's already hard. so I'm like, you want some relief on that before we go in? he goes, hell no, I'm not shootin my wad unless I'm sitting on a big dick! omg! that got me thinkin again about those futanari vids where both girls have huge dicks & one shoots in the other & then the other shoots all over the room! man I was so horny I couldn't hardly stand it! Martin's like, go in first so everyone looks at you. he comes in after & his friends are like, okay whos that girl? so he tells them & what I'm there for. a couple guys are like, they'll help me out, in case this t-girl Chrissy doesn't show up but Martin's like, no save that for me! & then they all giggled like girls! lol then about a hour later this Chrissy comes in. omg she's like 6 feet tall & drop dead gorgeous! long black hair, all made up, a little mini skirt & a tight top with these big-ass melons! Martin's like, there ya go but I didn't know what to say so I just kinda walked around lookin like a goof for a while lol then Chrissy notices me, she calls me over. now ... I'm like, seriously nervous cause she has this like, posse of guys around her, but then she just goes, sit down honey & says, get her a drink. I was like, I dunno, cause I didn't really trust what might be in it. I had roofies once, I know how it f*cks you up & you don't remember anything after & I wanted to remember. anyway the drink was okay. she talks to some other girl for a while then she like, turns to me & tells me I'm cute. it was loud so I was like, what? & she goes, YOU'RE CUTE! then I felt stupid but I was like, oh, thanks, your beautiful! she puts her hand on my leg & leans over and just OWNS my lips - omg that def'ly got my horny on! then she pulls me kinda on top of her & we're making out for the next few minutes. this guy comes over & says you okay? & she nods. so I figured I was probly gonna end up with her :) after while she says, wanna get out of here? I'm like, yeah! so she takes my hand & a few of us go out to her car, she drives us to her place on A1A which is really small, like a apartment above a hardware store. half way up the steps we all stop & she kisses me again. she goes, we're gonna have so much fun! so all of us go in, there's like 3 guys & her & me. she goes, let me make myself pretty for you. so I sit down on the bed & the guys kinda hang around & giggle & make out some. one guy tells me I'm just what Chrissy likes. when she comes out I about freak out - she's wearin this like, long white robe, open so her titties are showing, and this big dick ...