1. Night after Wales won the Grand Slam

    Date: 5/21/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: a9ollo, Source: LushStories

    A couple of years ago, we had seats for the Wales vs France match in the six nation’s championship, and so booked a small cottage that we sometimes use near Cardiff. My lovely wife Mandy, dressed for the forthcoming evening in her new white studded blouse, under her favourite black tux style jacket and jeans. Then got well wrapped for the match up in her warm Puffa jacket. We were on such a high after the match, with Wales securing the Grand Slam, we joined fellow supporters in St Mary Street celebrating the win. As the evening wore on and feeling quite hungry, we rang and booked a table at a brasserie type restaurant near Penarth, which was within walking distance of our cottage. When we arrived, we could see that the place was buzzing with both French and Welsh fans. The atmosphere was terrific. We waited for what seemed like ages trying to get a barman’s attention, and needing the loo, I left Mandy to get our first drinks. On my return, I could see that four French guys who were already being served, had bought her a glass of wine and were keeping her company. Some five minutes later, the waiter approached them telling them their table was prepared. Mandy re-joined me, feeling very elated at being the centre of their attention. We ordered a couple of bottles of wine, red for me and white for Mandy, and happily chatted before being shown to our table. Mandy was really shining, still on a high after the flattery she had received earlier. The meal was most enjoyable, and ... the effect of the wine was really beginning to loosen our inhibitions. Having paid our bill, we moved to sit on the high stools at the bar. We sat close, and could not keep our hands off each other. With the occasional flick, and Mandy’s body movements, it did not take long for the press studs holding the blouse to separate. It was only when she got up to go to the loo that she realised how much of her beautiful cleavage was showing. I implored her not to redo her studs as she looked so sexy as she was. I sat patiently at the bar excited by the prospect of seeing Mandy return. Knowing her propensity for showing off, how would she be dressed? Would she leave her top loose, might she even discard the bra? The anticipation was driving me wild with desire for her. She re-appeared moments later, pushing her way through the crowded bar. I was over the moon when I saw she was now braless, with just narrow traces of the white blouse showing just inside the lapels of her jacket. The jacket was held together by the only button, which was positioned about four inches lower than the curves of her bust. The white traces framing her cleavage perfectly, she looked gorgeous. Again she sat opposite me and our hands met. Selfishly I persuaded her to tuck back the blouse, so that it looked as if she was only wearing the jacket. She smiled saying that I could already see quite a lot of her cleavage and that others may see her, then added provocatively “Do you want me to show the whole bar?” I was ...