1. The Bedroom - Part 2

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: happyidiot, Source: LushStories

    I took her hand and led her toward the bed. I kissed her once again and watched as she reclined and made herself comfortable. I couldn’t help but smile as she lay there, her legs slightly splayed and her fingertips caressing her nipples. I took my time and undressed before joining her. I turned to approach the bed and found that her hand had found its way between her legs and she was slowly rubbing her clit. I watched for a moment. “Please mind your hands Marie.” I could hear frustration in her sigh as she withdrew and lay her hands on either side of her. I could see her labia was swollen and glistening from the attention of her fingers. It really was a beautiful sight. I approached the bed and crawled over to her, bending to kiss her gently on the lips while I rubbed the palm of my hand across one of her erect nipples. She arched her back slightly and I could feel her kiss intensify. I reluctantly broke the kiss and started to nuzzle her neck. I busied myself by leaving a meandering trail of kisses across her neck and then down toward her breast bone. I began massaging the soft flesh of her breasts and teased her nipples. Each were tugged, pinched and pulled insistently and she responded like the strings of an instrument being strummed. Soft sighs and moans filled the space around us and my hand continued its journey lower. I pressed the palm of my hand firmly against her mound as my fingers curled and brushed the hood of her clit. Her hips rocked slightly as she tried to ... coax my hand lower. I’d have none of that. Not yet. I slipped my hand back up over her stomach and cupped a breast and fed a nipple into my hungry mouth. First one, then the other as I alternated between them paying equal attention to both. Her hand found the back of my head and she pressed me into her chest, her erect nipples pressing against my tongue. I kissed my way lower in a deliberate serpentine path across her stomach. Exploring un-kissed skin along the way and delighting in the response it drew from her. Her hands on my head insistently pushed me in the direction where she knew I was going. I paused. “Would you like me to continue Marie?” “Uh huh,” she moaned nodding her head. “Return your hands to your side please.” She did as I asked and I returned to pleasuring the beautiful woman laid out before me. I was in no hurry; this wasn’t rush hour. It was a Sunday drive and I had no place I had to be. I had all the time in the world. It wasn’t long before my lips found that sweet spot where her legs and body come together. I kissed along the top of her thigh taking care to avoid her pussy. The lips were swollen, glistening and were demanding the attention currently denied to them. I could tell she was aching. Her scent filled me like the sweetest fragrance and I resisted the urge to bury my face against her and devour her. I positioned myself between her legs and kissed my way north. I started alongside and behind her knees and alternated left then right while my hands ...