1. SEXFIGHT AT DAWN (translated from the French)

    Date: 5/22/2017, Categories: BDSM, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: mib14, Source: xHamster

    SEXFIGHT AT DAWN (translated from the French) Note: This story was originally written in French and posted on XHamster 3 years ago (and is still there). I have translated it into English as well as I could for those who cannot read French. I apologize for the clumsy English since I tried to follow the French as closely as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One must say that she didn’t feel like hurrying. Manuela de Gonzalez was always late and, furthermore, she hated that two-bit novelist for sending her her witnesses. It’s true that Manuela had stolen her lady lover but twenty-years ago, these things would have been settled in a hair-pulling catfight. But we were in 1925, and women of a certain social class, and whose lifestyle had evolved, followed the example of men and settled their romantic jealousies with a duel. So one had to have witnesses, get up early to get to a forest, etc…and Manuela found the whole thing a pain in the ass. To understand the rest of the story, one must know that a young American girl called Angela, recently arrived in Paris, had first fallen in love with Nathalie Rousselot, a novelist who had some success amongst the followers of a new women’s liberation movement, most of them lesbians. She had then met Manuela at Chantilly, the race track, and had given her favors to the beautiful Spanish woman, ten years her senior. The breakup with Nathalie had been stormy and ... heart-breaking. On evening, Manuela, accompanied by Angela, had run into Nathalie in a fashionable salon. Nathalie had scolded the American who had burst into tears then Manuela had stepped in and a loud argument had started between Angela’s old and new lovers. The two rivals had sent each other their witnesses. In the world of lesbians of the time, quarrels were settled by a duel of a particular type. The ladies didn’t use pistols or swords but rather a weapon which they all had….their sexual attributes. The two rivals used their breasts, their cunt and even their buttocks to f***e a sexual domination on the other. With the use of their hands, their fingers, their mouth and mainly their attributes, each tried to make her rival reach an orgasm first. Some men had imitated the ladies duellists and someone reported that two earls « crossed swords » in a very original manner over the charms of a young man. Manuela often fought in that kind of duel since she had made a specialty of seducing other women’s girlfriends. Born in Spain, more than 35 years ago, Manuela fashioned a very thick crop of charcoal black hair, and, on top of being tall, she had very round breasts and buttocks attached to a muscular body. Manuela did a lot of horseback riding and was in excellent physical condition. In bed, she had a reputation of being a passionate and resilient lover. Although she rarely used her title, her full name was Manuela, countess of Gonzalez, and the small particle — plus thee one ...