1. SEXFIGHT AT DAWN (translated from the French)

    Date: 5/22/2017, Categories: BDSM, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: mib14, Source: xHamster

    missionary position. Her small hard tits penetrated the softer ones of the actress. Louise moved her hips and her mound of Venus crushed Liane’s delicately trimmed pubic triangle. After a few good hip moves by Louise, Liane let out a piercing cry and fell on her back. During that time, Manuela, stronger and more athletic than her rival, was giving Nathalie a lesson in boxing. The novelist tried to resist as best she could. She really wanted the little Angela, her intimate smell lingering in her mind. She tangled her fingers in Manuela’s curly pubic triangle. With one movement, she tore off half her pubic hair. Foaming with rage, Manuela jumped on her rival and bit her breast with her open mouth. Nathalie pulled on her hair to make her let go then she turned herself on the side to bite the Spanish woman’s tit. One had to give Nathalie credit in resisting with such courage to a woman stronger than her. The two fighters rolled one on the other, covered with mud and bl**d, locked in a biting match. Afraid they would kill each other, Manuela’s driver who had just arrived accompanied by Angela, tried to separate the two women. As soon as they put their hands on the couple, the two women began pissing because of the pain. This made the spectators step back so they wouldn’t get sprayed. At ...
    that moment, Éléonore and Andréa appeared half-naked and the five people finally were able to separate the fighters covered in sweat, cunt juice and piss, and who continued to scream at each other. The driver and Louise put a blanket over Manuela and took her to the car. Liane ran around everywhere picking up pieces of clothing trying to cover the nudity of her lover. She put her lying down on the back seat of her car and took off quickly. Everyone had forgotten Angela who, over-excited at the sight of the two women who nearly killed each other over her, was walking aimlessly in the woods. Éléonore and Andréa, who had recognized her from the smell of her underpants, tried to catch her. Angela ran bare feet, her small asscheeks bouncing under her short skirt, followed by Andréa about ten feet behind who was being reached by Éléonore who was losing her mind because of the smell of fresh cunt. Éléonore tackled Andréa and the two women began to wrestle on the ground. Angela stopped and climbed on a rock. Her legs bent under her chin, she was very conscious that her position showed her small mound covered with a cute blonde cunt mop. She laughed at the two 60 year-old women fighting like cats over her. She said to herself that she liked France and that she thought she would stay. THE END