1. Kitten Club

    Date: 5/22/2017, Categories: Trans, Author: lana100, Source: xHamster

    My name is Frank and my girlfriend is Joanne. I'd never even heard of the place, but it was her birthday, so her choice. When I found out what went on there, I wouldn't have gone anywhere near it for a very good reason I'll tell you about in a minute. You wouldn't have even known the club was there. It was down this dark alley, lit by a weak streetlight, and just a green door with &#034The Kitten Club&#034 above in a faulty old neon light. A couple of bouncers looked twice at us but let us in. Once we were through that door, we were into a different world altogether. It was like nowhere I had ever been. There was music, but not the din you get in most clubs, so loud you can't even hear yourself speak. Just a pleasant volume so you could talk if you wanted to or keep quiet and look if that was your desire. There was a wonderful buzz about the place. A kitten showed you to a table and took your order for drinks. When the club had first opened, apparently the kittens had been dressed as you might imagine, in sexy little basques with kitten ears and a tail. Stockings, high heels. But these days they wore different costumes every night. One night the kittens might be in sexy schoolgirl outfits, with just the right amount of bare, pale flesh between their stocking tops and their short skirts. Another time it might be Magic Night, with the kittens dressed as magician's assistants or fairies, complete with wand. French maids, Roman slave girls; it was always something different ... and the customers loved it. You sat down and watched as the kittens flounced around, mincing in their high heels and flirting with the many male customers. The kittens would go up to the bar, behind which stood a young guy. He would pour the drinks, which they would take to the tables, knowing as they stood at the bar that the customers were eyeing their pantied bums. After a while, the cabaret would start, a sort of burlesque with dancing and comedy. The question is, of course, why would Joanne want to go to a place like that? Does she want me looking at other women? Actually, her eyes lit up at the very thought of the Kitten Club and when we got in there, she loved it, and she loved the uneasy look on my face. I was uneasy for one reason, which I'm sure you've guessed. All the kittens were men. I say men, but there wasn't anything masculine about them. Once upon a time they may have been boys, but that was a long time ago. They'd quite clearly all lost their masculinity. I didn't like to think about exactly how they had lost their manhoods. And not only that. Judging by the cleavage, and the lack of any sort of bumps in their groins (yes, I looked) they were obviously on hormones or something. I dreaded to think but I guessed some of them had even had their manhood chopped off. What a thought. I want to say here and now that I have absolutely nothing against anyone of any sexual persuasion at all. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, tri- sexual, it's all fine with me. Transgender, ...