1. The Teacher is Taught - Part 1

    Date: 5/23/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: SusanHarper, Source: LushStories

    Deborah thought it so nice that her niece, Lindsay, asked to visit her this morning with a couple of her work colleagues. Deborah was forty-years-old and had been a Headmistress for the last twenty years at a college for sixteen to eighteen-year-olds. Lindsay was her twenty-one-year-old niece who had just started work as a teacher at another college but also for the same age group. Lindsay had telephoned her Aunt and asked if she and two fellow teachers could come over to discuss a project they were doing together. Deborah happily agreed. As it was an almost formal discussion she chose to wear a white short-sleeved blouse buttoned down the front and a dark blue skirt. It was hot and so she decided she could have bare legs and suspected the girls would as well anyway. It was ten o’clock when the doorbell rang. Deborah went to answer the door and saw three young ladies on the doorstep. “Hi Lindsay,” Deborah said to her niece. Lindsay had long blonde hair that flowed down her shoulders. She was wearing a light blue vest top and dark blue shorts. It was summer and as expected she had bare legs. “Hi Auntie. This is Samantha and Gabby.” “Hi girls,” Deborah said with a welcoming smile. Samantha wore a sleeveless floral dress with a very high hem and bare legs. Gabby was dressed like Lindsay in a red vest top and white shorts. Both had long hair. Samantha’s was light brown and Gabby’s was black. Both girls were the same age as Lindsay Deborah led the girls into the living room. ... “Cold drinks, girls?” she offered. A few moments later they were sitting around the dining table. “How can I help?” Deborah asked Lindsay. “Well Auntie,” Lindsay began, “We are doing a project about whether colleges should reintroduce some of the old style teaching methods and the particular subject we want to talk about today is discipline and the like. I should say straight away that Samantha is all for reintroducing corporal punishment at college and Gabby and I are not. We would like your views Auntie because of your experience.” Deborah was happy to describe how the old system worked. Students showed their teachers much more respect than the youngsters today did and that meant they were more focussed on learning. Compare that to today when even telling a student off could cause a complaint against the teacher, Deborah explained. Deborah said, “I must say I really do think the whole college system would be better off with a strict discipline regime where the decision of the teacher is final and parents cannot object.” “I agree,” Samantha said enthusiastically. “I tend not to agree,” Lindsay countered. Deborah continued, “In the old days it was just as important for the parents to give discipline at home. It was an important supplement to discipline at college and indeed vice versa. It was normal for a student given a detention a spanking or the cane to take home a letter for signature by the parent. More often than not that led to another spanking at home although invariably ...