1. Tranny Surprise Part 2

    Date: 5/23/2017, Categories: Trans, Author: Entities, Source: xHamster

    Things were off to a good start with Dani. We have been texting each other throughout the week just talking and setting up another date. We decided to go to the local fair I picked her up around 530 and she wasnt quite ready yet so she let me in hugged me and went back to finish her hair. I sat on the couch and played with her cats for a minute, she was back in no time and she looked great! &#034Wow Dani you look really pretty in that sun dress.&#034 I said. &#034Thank you&#034 she replied with a big smile. We got to the fair and we went in we wandered around for a little and walked past all the games to win prizes. We walk past the milk bottle game and the carney yells out to Dani &#034Tell your man to step up and win you a prize, if hes man enough that is&#034 She glared at him and pulled me in and kissed me deep &#034 Oh hes man enough&#034 &#034Whoa that was great hahaha he didnt know what to say&#034 We did stop to play a couple games and I spent almost 30 dollars to win a big stuffed banana for her. Next we went to the horse and a****l stables and walked around I decided to reach for her hand and hold her hand as we walked through the lovely smelling stables. As soon as I grabbed her hand she gave me peck on the cheek. Then we got some food and headed to the grandstand to watch the tractor pulls. All night we talked and laughed. We had enough of that and decided to head home , we got to her house and it was still somewhat early little after 9. She said why dont you ... come in we can watch a little tv and talk. We got in she got me a drink and we sat and talked. I wanted to kiss her so bad but I was so nervous. Finally we were on the couch and she was leaning on me some. I leaned in and kissed her then put my hand on her thigh and kissed her again. She wrapped her arm around me and we kissed deep and passionately. My cock was getting rock hard. When we pulled apart I was trying to hide my bulge. &#034You are a good kisser!&#034 she says. Then she rests her head on my shoulder and put her hand on my thigh. Meanwhile my cock is still hard but I try to ignore it. We sit close and cuddle for another hour and we call it a night. Before I leave Dani wraps her hands around me and says &#034When are you taking me out again.&#034 &#034When are you off next?&#034 I ask. &#034Thursday&#034 she replied. I smile ans say &#034How about Thursday night?&#034 &#034cant wait!&#034 she says. We kiss and I start to walk off but she runs on the porch for one more kiss &#034Goodnight&#034 she says &#034Goodnight&#034 I replied From Saturday night to Thursday night I could feel Dani seemed a little bit distant I wasnt sure why. I tried to ignore it and look forward to our date. I asked her to come over and I was going to grill some food and we could hang out all night. One again she looked adorable i greeted her with a hug and a kiss. She brought a bottle of wine with her. While I was cooking she poured a glass of wine for us and she sat and talked while I cooked. ...