1. Forbidden fruit pt 2 her mother’s daughter

    Date: 5/23/2017, Categories: BDSM, Lesbian Sex, Masturbation, Author: rodma, Source: xHamster

    Veronica and Chris had been having sex more and more regular, the risk of getting caught was exciting, Chris had popped around to see Veronica’s husband one evening and he had invited him to stay for tea, Chris duly accepted. As they sat in the living room Veronica said she was going to do the washing up and leave us 2 men to chat, I did offer to help but she said it would be ok, after a few moments I decided to go and offer again and walked into the kitchen “mmmmm nothing like seeing a woman in water” and laughed “will you behave, it’s not possible” as I laughed and got behind her and held her hips, softly kissing her neck Veronica groaned softly “stop it you know what that does to me” as I carried on “and is it”? I asked her “yes and you know what it will do to me as well” cupping her tits her nipples now rock solid her breathing became more rapid. Putting my hands up her blouse I could feel her warm breasts, she said her pussy was dripping and desperately wanted cock in her, pulling her skirt up I slipped my hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy, making her moan softly “oh god fuck me now” Veronica whispered and pushed her slightly forward getting my cock out I slipped in slowly pushing her lips wide, gripping her hips I started to fuck her hard and fast, Veronica cum and said she wanted to feel my cum in her again, with a soft groan I exploded deep in her, my cock went soft and slipped out as we got sorted seconds later Debbie appeared (Veronica’s daughter) asking ... if all was ok, as her mum looked flush, she said it was but Debbie had a fair idea what had been going on. The following day I got a call from Debbie asking if her mum had told him why she had looked so flush, I said I didn’t have a clue but would keep a eye on her, she thanked me and hung up, I called Veronica and told her what Debbie had said, she admitted it had excited her at the thought of being caught, and would do it again given the chance, I said I would pop around, Veronica said she had felt horny all morning and had fingered her pussy twice already, getting my coat I arrived at her house 10 minutes later, being greeted at the door, it wasn’t long before she had my cock in her hand rubbing it as we kissed, and I was taking her top off. Bending her over the table I ripped her panties off and slammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy, Veronica moaned loudly as I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as possible, we had not realised the front door had not been locked but just closed up, as I now had her totally naked I lifted her onto the table and laid her on her back, my cock deep rooted in her still. As I slammed my cock in and out her tits bounced about like jelly, her orgasms had built stronger as I started to talk dirty to her, all of a sudden our concentration was broken “I knew you 2 was fucking” looking to the side it was Debbie watching, I pulled out and tried to cover up as Veronica got off the table and tried putting her dress on. As Debbie screamed at her ...