1. Dress Off: Sasha vs Tara (Part 2)

    Date: 5/27/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: staceyshackleton, Source: LushStories

    Tara finally reached the public toilets in a bad mood, worrying the entire way that Sasha had worked out the clue before her. Tara had already passed this way before but stupidly hadn’t made the connection, a fact she berated herself at length about until a wave of satisfaction overcame her as she spotted the DE logo on a cleaning notice by the entrance to the public toilets. Tara had taken the lead in the clues now, and she quietly savoured the thought that she was halfway to humiliating Sasha Sinclair and finally winning this feud once and for all. She even stopped worrying about her breasts for a moment, even though they were so obviously poking out of her top and had already caused one man to walk into a postbox while craning his neck to get a better view. This game wasn’t so bad so far, and Tara was sure that Sasha was suffering worse than her. She scanned over the next clue. “Clue number 4 may even the score, or leave someone in the nude. Whatever it be, make haste to see where one should never be so rude.” Tara started jogging away in a random direction, temporarily lost as to any idea as to where to go next. Within a minute, she heard a short crackle in her earpiece that heralded the voice. What the hell? Sasha could only have received the clue less than thirty seconds ago. How could she have reached the next clue already? Tara was damn sure she hadn’t run afoul of the penalty system again. Surely enlisting the help of the hapless Robert hadn’t helped her actively ... solve the clue. Pedantic assholes! “Miss Tennyson, you may be interested to learn that Miss Sinclair has, regretfully, suffered her second penalty. This effectively makes you three to one up in the clues. A lady so quick on the arithmetic as yourself will undoubtedly realise you are precisely one clue away from victory. Of course, fight-backs have been known to happen, Miss Tennyson, so I wouldn’t get carried away too much just yet.” The voice disappeared as quickly as it had come, before Tara had even had a chance to reply. Tara felt a thrill of exhilaration. One clue to go! If only she could figure this one out, Sasha “Slut” Sinclair would be down for the count. Hell, it would almost be worth... Tara slowly smiled as a devious thought jumped to the forefront of her mind. She turned towards the biggest crowd of men she could see on the streets, readjusted her already skin-tight top to best show off her remarkable assets, and flashed her most outgoing smile. Tara was just full of good ideas today. ******* Sasha couldn’t help let out a small shriek of horror as her anguished mind tried to process what was happening. Only moments after the voice had cheerfully broken the bad news of Tara’s recent success, and solemnly relayed the details of the next clue, her white top had once again begun to shrink. Last time, it had shrunk from decently baggy to indecently tight. Now, however, there was no more slack for it to take up around her taut upper body, and Sasha watched on helplessly ...