1. Busted

    Date: 5/27/2017, Categories: Trans, Author: nikkiesilk, Source: xHamster

    Busted Nikkie Silk “Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true,&#034 Stephen Schwartz Sandy came into the bedroom where I was still dozing, holding a pair of tights in her hand. ‘Babe, I wouldn’t ask, but I’m so pushed for time and I’ve just laddered my last pair of clean tights. I desperately need some before I go to this client meeting.’ She held them up as if to prove what she was saying. ‘OK,’ I said, still half asl**p, ‘what can I do about it?’ ‘Can I borrow a pair of yours, pretty please?’ My eyes snapped open. What did she just say? I rolled over to look at her and my heart was now hammering in my chest. ‘What?’ ‘Can I pretty please borrow a pair of yours? You know, from that stash of yours?’ ‘What? What do you mean? I haven't got a stash. I haven’t got any tights’ I could feel myself turning bright pink as the implications of what she had said sank in. She caught the look on my face and her hand went up to her mouth and her eyes opened wide. ‘Oh my God, you didn't know I knew, did you?’ I stared at her, sure that the panic I was feeling was written all over my face. Sandy sat down on the edge of the bed and she laid a hand on my leg. ‘I am so sorry, I honestly thought you knew I knew.’ I shook my head, afraid to even speak. ‘Babe, we’ll need to talk about this tonight, but can I please borrow a pair? I am so late and I don't have time to stop at the store.’ There was no point in pretending any more. I got up from the bed as if in a dream and walked into ... the spare bedroom. I reached into the wardrobe and pulled out the suitcase stored at the back. My hands were shaking so much I could barely work the combination locks, but they eventually opened, and I pulled out a new packet of black tights. I walked slowly back into the other bedroom, my face burning, not looking at Sandy and handed her the packet. ‘Thanks, babe, you are a lifesaver.’ She quickly kissed me on the cheek, whispered, ‘I love you, babe.’ and disappeared into the bathroom. I fell face first onto the bed and covered my head with a pillow. I heard the front door slam, and I began to thump the bed with my fist as I thought my life was over. I rolled back over and started to swear at myself under my breath. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck. You stupid fucking fool.' What mistake had I made? I was so careful, but I must have given myself away somehow. Oh my God, what was I going to do? Separation, divorce, public shame, and suicide all flashed through my mind. My rational mind managed to wrestle my overwrought imagination to a standstill long enough for me to think more clearly. Sandy hadn’t seemed upset; she had obviously known my secret already and hadn’t confronted me about it. In fact, the way she ‘outed’ me was so banal as to make me think she might not be too concerned. Her tights were laddered, and she had just come and asked to borrow a pair from me, as if that were the most natural thing in the world. Her last words as she left were, ‘I love you, babe.’ Not necessarily the ...