1. Digimon Rise and Fall Chapter 11: Courage

    Date: 5/27/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Asian, Fan fiction, Romance, Written by women, Author: lilsweetbaby, Source: sexstories.com

    Tai marched through the beautiful landscape with nothing entering his mind but his mission. He was surrounded by lush greenery and exotic landscape that could not be found on Earth. However he paid them no mind they were nothing more then distractions to him. His mind saw only the beautiful red headed angel, his darling sister and his princess friend in the clutches of their demonic captor. The thought drove him forward even though his body felt like breaking. His two Digimon companions walked obediently behind him but not a word was said between them. The only sound that could be heard was the constant trotting of feet and the gentle rustle of the wind. The two could sense the tension that Tai was emitting but didn’t know how to break it. Byomon finally attempted to break the silence. “So Tai I noticed you and Sora fighting. Did something happen between the two of you?” Byomon asked gently. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Tai stated firmly. “But Tai we are your friends and you can always talk to us.” Augumon stated. “Well too bad I’m not talking to you.” “I think I see the problem here.” Augumon whispered to Byomon. Tai heard his comment and glared at Augumon. Tai truly hated being insulted. Part of him wanted to beat Augumon senseless to teach him respect for his master. He looked deeply into Augumon’s deep green eyes. They were full of the same innocent light that they had when he was a child. Tai almost envied him for he was untouched by the despair and evils of the ... world. Not only that but he stuck by Tai no matter what happened. He could not turn his back on him. “Listen I’m sorry guys it’s just been a rough time for me and having to think about Sora is really hard. I’d just rather just move on and focus on our mission. Just forget about everything else.” Tai said softly. “So you are afraid.” Augumon stated. “How could you possibly imply that? Courage is literally my defining attribute. I’ve battled monsters and I’ve even faced death so often that it doesn’t scare me anymore. I don’t care if I die.” Tai stated with confidence. “That is not courage but fear. To embrace death is to fear life. You can’t face your reality so you avoid it. I don’t know what happened to you since we last met you have lost your courage. That must be why I can’t digivolve.” Augumon explained Tai lowered his head. He knew Augumon’s words were the truth. He feared facing Sora so he ran away from her even though it broke his heart. Since then he had done everything to try and escaping his pain instead of facing it head on as he once would. It was the same as when he caused Kari’s hospitalization as a child. He could not outrun the past it would always tear into his mind like an insect. He had to stop running and face the harder path. The only question remaining was; is he strong enough? Tai didn’t know the answer. He thought of Sora’s smiling face and it sent the familiar sensation of love and pain. Tai fell to his knees and began to shed tears. A small clawed hand ...