1. Gretchen's Thursday

    Date: 5/28/2017, Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: villager2502, Source: xHamster

    Thursday Morning “You’re crazy, you know that don’t you?” asked Crystal Grant not meaning it really. Gretchen Evers knew it was a rhetorical question and went on adjusting the velvet sash. She was using to bind Crystal to the coffee table. “Actually I like to consider myself simply devious.” Gretchen answered. “Deliciously devious.” Amended Crystal and was rewarded with a kiss from her lover. “There, try them now.” Said Gretchen standing up and over her bound girlfriend. Tugging on the restraints Crystal found herself held fast. “Perfect.” She replied. Gretchen reaches over her and picks up the next step in their game. Adjusting the belt round her narrow waist, slipping a finger along the edge of the thong so it fit closer to her mound. She curls her fingers around the sculptured dildo and strokes it length. Turning slowly back to Crystal whose eyes grew as wide as her hungry smile. “No matter how many times I see you with that, I swear it gets me so wet I feel it running down my legs.” Gretchen in stiletto heels comes up to her captive lover. Nudging Crystal’s leg apart with the toes of her shoe. “Darling it is running down the insides of your legs.” Gretchen rubs the pointy tip of her black paten leather shoe up and down Crystal’s shaved pussy. “Ohh, don’t stop.” Cooed Crystal. Gretchen brought her foot back and gave her a short kick against her lover’s cunt. “Oww.” Cried the restrained brunette. She cried out again when Gretchen’s sole was ground against her slit like ... putting out a cigarette. “You didn’t say the magic word, you witch.” Reminded Gretchen. “Please oh god please, I’m sorry Mistress.” Moaned Crystal pulling on her bindings. She would not be able to rub her aching cunt but she came as Gretchen rubbed the sole against her clit. “Fuck, what you make me do.” Mildly protested Crystal. Moving her shoe up until the tip of the stiletto heel was just inside Crystal’s hole. “I don’t make you do anything you don’t want too.” Reminded Gretchen. Who always played her role as Mistress with a hint of reluctance? Although she was enjoyed the game as much as her lover. “Beg me to fuck you.” Mistress Gretchen ordered. Standing over her capture beauty. Stroking the fake cock between her long luscious limbs. “Mistress, when I see you, like this above me, I can only think of one thing. That is to offer myself to you. To beg for you to grant me this boon and ravish me. Plead for you to end this torture and impale me on your cock. Please Mistress, I ache to feel you inside me. I dream of you night and day. No one has my heart and my desires as much as you do. I beg you dear Mistress, implore you to put me out of my misery. Fuck me Mistress, please fuck me.” Crystal likes this part best. She’d never beg to her husband, at least with such earnest and true intent. Gretchen drops down atop Crystal. Holding the dildo at the base. She runs the rubbery head up and down along her lovers slit. Just spreading those swollen lips enough to tease the clit. As it ...