1. Vicky is taught the realities of life

    Date: 5/28/2017, Categories: Fiction, Coercion, Domination / Submission, Humiliation, Straight Sex, Mind Control, Author: Aaron1, Source: sexstories.com

    I’d just parked up in the car park when I noticed a posh merc start to pull into the spaces opposite me. There were two women in the front and some kids in the back. The driver was stunning, but her parking was atrocious nowhere near being properly in a bay. I sat and watched them get out, two kids probably under ten, then as the mum goes and gets the parking ticket. The two women were obviously mother and daughter (or mum and grandma to the kids). So the kids’ mum, as said, was stunning and I was getting interested. As I watched, I got a sense of the mum and realised she was quite a stuck bitch which irritated me. I decided that she needed to be brought down a peg or two and I was just the person to do it, the fact that I would enjoy it didn’t enter into my decision at all. I touched the kids’ minds, planting a little conditioning, to ignore me, be more obedient than normal for the next few hours. I then planted some thoughts in the kids’ grandma’s mind, that I was a well-liked distant family friend, total trustworthy, but to then ignore any sexual comments I make. Finally, touching the mum’s mind properly, set some controls that outwardly, she would be calm and subservient to me, do whatever I said, but leave her mind to be able to ‘know’ exactly what was happening. Getting out of the car, I walk over towards them, the mum see’s me coming over but doesn’t do anything, the grandma see’s me and smiles saying hello, giving me a hug like I’m an old friend. I say hello, then ... saying if she would excuse us, turn to look at the mum and say I’m just taking mum away so I can fuck her silly. I smile at the mum as she realises what I’ve said, that her mum isn’t doing anything to stop it or even react to what I’ve said, and see the quizzel expression on her face as she realises that she isn’t responding either. I tell the grandma to look after the kids for a couple of hours while we go somewhere to fuck. The grandma says OK and for her to enjoy herself and that she will meet her daughter back here in a couple of hours. I ask the mum her name, she surprises herself when she tells me it’s Victoria. I respond Vicky for short, she replies no, she doesn’t like the shortened name. My reply is tough, Vicky it is. I tell her to come with me and I walk out of the car park towards some houses, selecting a house that looks in reasonable condition. Ringing the bell, an elderly man answers, I touch his mind and ask how many people are in the house, he responds just him and his wife, both downstairs. I see the wife at an internal doorway and touch both minds to ignore us while we’re in their house. The husband lets us in and I lead to the kitchen, getting a large glass of water and handing it to Vicky, telling her to drink it. I can feel her mind fighting my instruction, but her hand takes the glass and starts drinking. While she’s drinking the water, I tell her that I will be seeing her pussy very shortly, fucking her in all three holes, and watch her while she pee’s, ...