1. Sleigh Ride on Thanksgiving

    Date: 5/28/2017, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Pregnant, Romance, Teen, Author: wolfboyurges, Source: sexstories.com

    Deep in the North Woods Osborn lived miles from town on a small lake in Wisconsin. It was the early 1900's and the automobile had hardly been seen anywhere in those small isolated places. People lived there to cut lumber or work in the copper mines. He worked deep underground and took his meat pie in a bucket on the long walk before sunrise every day. He was a smart young man. Father built bridges and other engineering projects for the railroad that served the mines in the region. On the other side of the little lake lived Jesse, a beautiful petite young girl his same age. Relationships were almost preordained because it might have been a couple of days walk to meet another woman his age. Jesse and Osborn grew up together and went to the one room school house at the crossroads that also had a church and general trade store. As they reached a social age Osborn sailed across the lake on Sunday after church to meet Jesse and sit together in the parlor alone. The private time they had together was only once a week but, little by little he advanced his romance. Slowly he went from holding her hand to giving her a brief hug when they met and when he went home. A man called on a woman to court her and they did not go out of her house alone together. Once or twice they were allowed to go sailing in his tiny boat together but, they had to stay in view of her parents watchful eye. They could sit close together , on the boat. Osborn's strong working arms and legs touched against her ... soft petite figure. Below the rail of the boat he could accidentally touch her leg or her belly for a thrilling moment of erotic energy. He became more bold and as soon as they left the shore his wandering fingers excited her in places like her belly or between her knees and up the inside of her legs. Sometimes he pretended to accidentally brush against the most sensitive places. Jesse gasped breathlessly but never complained about his bold fondling. As that late teen summer gave way to autumn the warm afternoons after church became shorter and turned cooler. Then the snows came and the lake started to freeze. Sailing became out of the question and the walk around the lake was too long to do in a single day round trip. She kept going to the little school house and he kept walking to the mines up on the ridge six days a week. Their thrilling touching sessions had to be put on hold with the slushy frozen lake. His dick got stiff thinking about her but, church made it clear that one did not touch himself below the waist. That was the devils call and he should refrain from thinking about any physical stimulation of himself or his little girlfriend. Osborn got stiff every time he thought about their little touching escapades. He knew what went where, as every country kid from watching livestock breeding around their homesteads. He knew he had to slip it in someday but, could not imagine how he would get a chance. Then the lake froze solid and he was able to cross, with a horse drawn ...