1. Surprise Internet hook-up

    Date: 5/31/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest, Romance, Voyeur, Author: FYI2, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 1 The light from the computer screen lit up Eli’s room, he was 25, single, fairly tall, good looking, sandy brown hair and he lived alone in a house he owned. Eli’s dad died when he was young and gave him a substantual amount, his mother Celia got her own house with what her husband left her and Eli’s sister Paige, got enough for her own house as well. Paige was 23, single, medium height, black hair and she was chubby, in a cute way, which Eli thought was very hot, she had a 30-C cup, which suited her nicely. Eli lived half an hour away from Paige and they both lived two hours away from their mother. Eli had sexual thoughts about his sister, even his mother throughout his teenage years and he didn’t mind the idea of incest. Eli was in a few chat rooms in a few of his favourite porn sites, every now and again he chatted up to a beautiful woman who was eager for his cock, but sometimes it was a guy pretending to be a girl and a creeper. PGXX: ‘Hey there, what are you up 2?’ Eli’s computer pinged with the message, he checked the profile and it was of a girl’s cleavage in an orange bra, with her fingers making a peace sign. E-Train69: ‘Chatting to girls. Are you a girl? I don’t want to get creeped by a guy pretending to be a girl’ Eli rolled his eyes, knowing he may have scared her away with that comment, but he could see her writing back. PGXX: ‘Real girl lol. I have a picture to prove it if you want’ Eli’s cock was already hard, and he began stroking it at the thought ... of whatever picture he was going to recieve. E-Train69: ‘Sure, then I’ll give you 1.’ Eli sent, with a winky face, he got his webcam ready to snap a picture of his cock. Eli’s computer dinged and he saw a link to a picture on the message wall, he clicked on it and his jaw dropped to the floor. The picture was of her pussy, her lips were spread and she had two fingers in and he could see how wet she was. PGXX: ‘You like?' E-Train69: ‘I do. WOW. I would love to tongue fuck that pussy’ Eli didn’t hold back, he recieved a pussy picture so he knew there was no holding back now. PGXX: ‘You’re sweet and I would love that. Now send me something. You did promise’ Eli set up his webcam and aimed his cock at a certain angle and snapped a photo of his cock, it was big and veiny and his head was pulsating. Eli sent it to her, which took a couple of seconds and he waited for her reply. Eli was a respectable 8 inches and all the girls he had slept with couldn’t get enough of it, he was single right now, as he and his girlfriend of 3 months broke up with him due to a random arguement that got out of control. PGXX: ‘Well hello. I love the look of that. Want to add me as a friend on this site so if we go, we can connect straight away next time we’re online?’ E-Train69: ‘Sure, I’m up for that’ Eli clicked on her profile and clicked ‘be friends’, which made his computer ding and he went back to chatting to her. PGXX: ‘So want more pictures?’ Eli spent a few hours trading pictures, mostly of each ...