1. My Best Girlfriend

    Date: 5/31/2017, Categories: Fetish, Trans, Author: GoddessAtPlay, Source: xHamster

    Chrissy was my best girlfriend, a normal night for us included opening a bottle of wine, gossipping for hours, google searching makeup techniques and trying them out, and playing dressup. There had to be a million pictures of the two of us all dressed up, stashed away in a secret folder on Chrissy's computer. It had to be kept hidden, because in Chrissy's regular everyday life he was Chris, a computer tech with a desk job, and nobody knew his secret but me. Chris wasn't gay, not even bi, he just really liked going full girlie on the weekend, and we met because he was dying for a friend to share it with. To me, he was a she, she was Chrissy, and I only knew the bare basics of her other life, just what I had learned in the name of safe and sane play. It seemed to be very theraputic, over the course of our friendship, Chrissy smiled a lot more these days, with hardly any lipstick on her teeth any more. This particular evening, I had come over with a big bottle of beaujolias and we were two glasses in when we started playing with the case of makeup I had brought as well. In the middle of Chrissy's floor was a pile of clothing, the contents of a giant bag that I had dragged in and dumped out, we were going to spend the whole night dressing up. I had ordered a couple of cute wigs online, nothing too expensive, but Chrissy was desperate to try them out, and I repeatedly complained of being elbowed while trying to share the mirror to apply some bright red lipstick. I gave up fighting ... with the mirror hog and turned to the pile of clothes, plucking a couple of garments out and tossing them onto the bed. Stepping over, I could just see myself in the mirror behind Chrissy, and started gabbing about the dress I was putting on, a strapless number that I had bought in anticipation of better weather. Without even a thought, I stripped my t-shirt off over my head, then yanked down my yoga pants and stepped out of them. It wasn't until I had already unclasped my bra and let it slide down my arms that I realized I was the only one moving, and looked up towards the back of my friend. In the mirror, I could see Chrissy's reflection, her eyes focused on my reflection, standing there in my panties with the dress I intended to put on in my hands. It hadn't occured to me, every other time we'd played dressup, we changed at the same time and Chrissy went into the bathroom, this time she had been distracted by the new wigs so it was the first time I had changed in front of her. I wasn't really sure what to say, I had done it unthinkingly, &#034Um... sorry?&#034. Chrissy's eyes never left my reflection, but in a voice that must have been the one used in everyday life, she said, &#034You're Chrissy's best friend in the world, and I wouldn't want to do anything to change that... but... fuck, Chris really wants to bend you over the end of that bed right now...&#034. I giggled, blushing, bashfully clutching the dress to my chest and peeking up at Chrissy's reflection through my ...