1. Amie and the Comte Part 2

    Date: 5/31/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination / Submission, Extreme, Teen, Male Domination, BDSM, Author: Princess Amy, Source: sexstories.com

    Having watched Amie perform to his satisfaction the Comte allows her to resume her seat “Are you familiar with Our Queen's habits? “It is rumoured that the queen has taken a taste for younger members of the court....younger females Lord” “Exactly, you are very well informed” “In your service Lord it is in my interest” ”Her Majesty already have a bed-warmer or two, and I do not like them” “Can my Lord not arrange a little accident....a riding accident perhaps”? “I could, but that would be just a short term solution, these bed-warmer are provided by the same person, a person who it is said is the Queen’s lover. So, if one of the girls disappears, he will find a replacement". “So my Lord - should this person fall out of favour with the Queen - the source dries up". “Exactly and I would be happy to provide Her Majesty with whatever she needs”. “Do you know this man’s vices my Lord - girls, boys, men, women, whores”? A smile forms on the Comte's face. “I see you do my Lord”. “He is a very clever man, so we need to go for the weakest link in the chain. One of the bed-warmers; her name is Chaney and she is the Queen's favourite". “Yes my Lord, to seduce or to use in different ways...perhaps as a warning” “For this reason, I will leave you much freedom in this enterprise” “I need the services of 2 ruffians and details of Mlle Chaney's planned excursions” “Excellent! The ruffians are easy to find, and for Mlle Chaney movements, it can be arranged". “I think we shall have some fun at ... the sluts expense my Lord”. “Whenever she is not between our Queen's legs she will be in Aubagne's estate. She enjoys the theatre and goes there ever week. I am sure you will have much fun. I am almost disappointed I will not be there to watch". “I will need a dagger my Lord and don't use ruffians whose service you may need again, they must be expendable; and ensure they are not aware of your involvement”. “Perfect! I know a person who will provide them. Shall I give them your description or should it be a surprise for them too”? “They are to know Mlle Chaney's description and be paid to rape her....that is all Lord". “Consider it done. Since the task sounds quite pleasurable I will have them paid when the job is completed, so there will not be suspicious money in their purse ...if they were to be found dead” The coach rattles into the Comte’s chateau’s drive. “Is this all you are requiring Amie”? “I ache to feel you my lord, I fear that I have fallen out of favour since you took my niece under your wing”. Taking Amie by the arm he leads her into the house and into his study. “Amie, you have proven yourself very useful. Think of yourself as promoted. I now need to train that young little thing that is your niece. I will grant you the favour of showing the young girl what I like”. The Comte rings a small bell on his desk and when a servant appears at the he has Jeanette summoned. Crossing to a wall cupboard Amie thinks carefully before selecting the leather whip with nine thin ...