1. The Shoe Shop

    Date: 6/1/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: ForceUK, Source: LushStories

    It was near to closing time when I served you the other day. You had a cheeky smile on your fresh face and I soon learnt why as you proceeded to give me a few glimpses of your legs as I tried to help you with your choice of footwear. Every time I lifted your foot to check the fitting, innocently caressing the back of your leg and feeling the smoothness of your skin, you would open your legs slightly and temp me with a view under you skirt and towards your barely visible panties. I'm sure you must have seen me trembling slightly as I tried so hard to see just a little more without letting you know I was peeking. "There you go, Miss," I said, trying to appear calm and in control, "let me help you with those sandals again." "It's Andrea," you replied, with a sweet smile on your lips again. I was still unsure if you were flirting with me, having a huge joke at my expense, or just very unaware of what you were doing to me. The feel of your bare flesh in my warm hands started it. You once more parted your legs and I could see the white triangle of your panties under the shade of your skirt. I'm sure that it had risen higher up your thigh since the last time you had sat there. The sparkle in your eye told me everything, and when you "accidentally" placed your foot on my bulge, I knew I could play along too. "As it is closing time, Miss....Andrea," I stammered, "I'll have to close the shop, but I will finish off serving you. Just wait there a moment." Quickly, I jumped up and ran ... to the front of the store, not wanting anyone else to come in now. My half hard dick would have been difficult to explain too! I knew that the other assistant would have left through the back door, and that after I pulled the metal shutters down, that you and I would be alone. Clattering more than usual, the shutters were locked in the shortest time ever, I was so worried that you would just get up and leave once you had had your fun. I tried to make my run back to you appear as a casual walk, but I think you could see my eagerness. Kneeling down again, I was sure that I could see more of your panties than before, and the sweet smell of freshly rubbed clitty was in the air. I picked up your foot again, and rested it on my firm thigh. "You have nice smooth legs," I said as I ran my fingers up the backs of them, "they suit a shorter skirt, though." You looked at me all innocently, "I don't know what you mean," you said, with your eyes going wide with mock unknowingness. I started to stroke further up your leg, around your perfect knee and up the front of your thigh. "What I mean is, you have such lovely legs, Andrea, that this skirt hides too much of them. Legs like this were made to be admired." I'm not sure which of us was more surprised at my boldness. But you wriggled a little more and managed to pull your skirt up a little more. I could now see your panties, and there was a growing damp patch of love juice between your thighs. I realised that I was leaning forwards quite a ...