1. Ed & Holly: Big Brother's Comfort.

    Date: 6/2/2017, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Older, Romance, First Time, Author: Speedinator72, Source: sexstories.com

    FROM THE AUTHOR: This is a fictional taboo story of two siblings, Ed & Holly Landon. After the death of both of their parents from an auto accident(the same one where Holly sustained life-altering injuries)and Ed's divorce, Ed and Holly find a way to cope- and to comfort each other. They soon realize their relationship grows ever so strong. So just give it a look & tell me what you think. Thanks. Speedinator72 ------------------------------ Things have been rather hectic for me for about the majority of five months, nor has it been easy for me & my 21 year-old youngest sister Holly. For openers, Holly, along with my mom & dad were involved in a multi-car accident on a busy stretch of expressway just outside of Omaha on their way back from visiting family in Denver. My mom & dad were killed instantly, but Holly survived with life-altering injuries. According to the initial police report, a trucker lost control of a huge load as it spilled all across the four lane stretch. There were two other fatalities and another dozen injured. At that point, the accident investigation was still ongoing. Therefore, it would take months before the whole thing was wrapped up. So since I don't know where my other estranged sister Donna is(who bailed out on us growing up), I had to not only bury my parents, but to aid & tend to my sister Holly as well. To make matters worse, my bitchy wife Corissa decided to leave me after seven years of marriage for some snotty stock broker. She decided she ... still wants to party instead of being a housewife. Corissa thought she could be slick by bleeding me dry of my finances, especially everything that I've work for in the last ten years. Instead, she got nothing, because I had undercover people telling me that she'd been fucking around behind my back. That evidence held up in court. So I ended up getting everything. But the stress was still a little too overwhelming to bare, but now I still had to figure out what to do about Holly. Most of my family had been helping me out through the double tragedy of my parents' death, as well as helping me cope after my divorce. So after about a few months, I knew I was gonna have a hard time selling my house instead of my parents'. But the real issue in question is how am I gonna help my youngest sister out? Holly is gonna need assistance getting around the house and going back & forth to rehab three days a week. So for the time being, I decided to move back in with her. This'll be convenient for both of us. Not only for her, but for me as well. The reason is because it would be closer to & from my work. Also since the house and estate happens to be in my name, I would have power of attorney. So my sister and I would go over things and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. As far as finances went, we would split everything 50/50 after all of the outstanding bills, mortages, misc expenses., etc. we're all paid off. But since I've been making decent money, I'd figure I'd help with Holly ...