1. My Sex Life - Part One

    Date: 6/2/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, First Time, Teen, Author: Hush-in-England, Source: sexstories.com

    I'm 33 and from England and have decided to start documenting my sex life, as a sort of blog. First I will confess I have had many sexual partners. I have nearly always played safe and I have been regularly checked. I do this because, ultimately, I love sex. I absolutely love it and I want to try everything with all different kinds of people, as you will soon find out - if I keep the blog going, of course. I'm a good looking guy, 6'2", blue eyes, dark brown hair and a good body. I've always been a hit with the ladies and apparently I have a 'gorgeous' smile. And this story starts when I was 13 and hanging with a kid who grew up near me, Nicholas, who was 11. His Mum and my Mum were friends and went out clubbing nearly every weekend, as they were both single. As my brother was out all the time (he is three years older than me) I was always left to keep an eye on Nick. Nick and I had grown up together and often shared a bed when we were younger and crashing over. One evening our parents had gone out and we were at his house, doing the usual things guys do. On this evening we were actually playing cards. I don't remember how it happened but we were betting for sweets and he was all out, but wanted the chance to win some back. Boys being boys - and me pushing boundaries, I suggested strip poker, which Nick had never played. I explained the rules and he was up for it straight away, so we started playing. It wasn't long until I had his socks and next was his t shirt. When he took ... it off I was surprised for two reasons. Firstly, he had a real cute body. How had I not noticed that, The second shock was I felt my cock twitch when I saw his body, and this was definitely new. I had only ever got horny thinking about women, so this was a definite game changing moment. Now Nick is cute - blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles and a nice tan. So I made sure I won the next hand and couldn't help but grin as he had to remove his trousers in front of me, leaving him standing in a surprisingly tight pair of small boxer briefs. And this point I let him win a few, but instead of offering him his clothes back I just started losing my clothes - socks and then shirt. And yeah, I noticed him checking me out when I took my shirt off. At this point I remember thinking 'This is going to be an interesting evening'. And then the inevitable - I won the last hand and Nick lost his pants. He shyly turned around and slipped them off revealing an adorable little bubble butt. He was covering his cock facing away, so I told him he had to turn around and lift his hands. He said he was too shy so I agreed one hand. Then I hailed myself the victor and threw Nick his clothes. After we had both dressed we got a drink and, out of now impending boredom #9and hoping Nick would go to bed so I could have a wank) I asked what he wanted to do now. And to my genuine surprise Nick told me that he and another friend of his had measured each others cocks. I kept my cool but simply asked him where a tape ...