1. The Young Wizard--Part 4

    Date: 6/3/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Death, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Author: senorlongo, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 1 We slept for another two hours and when I woke Mandy was still lying on top of me. My cock had slipped from her pussy and she was leaking all over me, but I didn’t care. I was here alone with a beautiful woman who loved me as much as I had grown to love her. She stirred slightly and raised her head. “Morning, my love; I love you. I’m the luckiest man on the planet—no, in the universe. You know, you’re beautiful in the morning.” “No, I’m not, Jeremy. My hair’s a mess and if I don’t get up soon I’m going to pee all over you.” I smiled as I said, “promises, promises!” Mandy laughed and pushed herself up en route to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later, climbing next to me. I rolled her onto her side and we spooned for several minutes as I warmed her body with mine. I raised her leg and entered her from behind. I moved slowly as I fondled her breasts, teasing her areolas and nipples, and nuzzled her tender neck. Mandy was moaning nonstop when she turned her head to kiss me. She pushed her tongue into my throat as our passion grew. My humping grew faster and harder; in response Mandy reached down to cup my balls. Her rubbing brought me along much faster than I wanted, but I wasn’t going to discourage her—it felt great! As she rubbed my balls I reached around her to rub her clit. I found it hot and hard, covered in her secretions. I rubbed and tickled her nipple until she started to move, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. “FUCK ME, JEREMY! FUCK ... ME HARDER! DRIVE YOUR COCK INTO ME!” Mandy was screaming, demanding in her lust. I was thrusting so hard I was afraid I was going to push her off the bed, but nature intervened and we both came—Mandy flooding me as she squirted for the first time while I was literally pouring hot sticky semen into her. Finally, we stopped. We were wringing wet, sweat pouring from us as we struggled to regain our breath. I looked down at the bedding—it was a good thing we were people of magic or my uncle was going to expect a new bed. This one was ruined. I struggled to rise, pulling Mandy with me. We trudged to the shower and stood together under the hot rejuvenating water. “Damn,” I said, “I have to pee.” “So, go ahead. You can get it on me. I won’t melt. Hell, I might even like it. Here, let me hold it for you.” So Mandy, my once demure virgin turned into a wanton woman, held my cock while I urinated. She deliberately directed the stream to her abdomen. “I like the warmth it gives me. Maybe we’ll do this again.” Finally my stream ebbed and we could wash each other. It was a long slow and loving process as we explored each other’s bodies. When the water turned cold we exited, dried each other off, and donned the robes. I led her to the kitchen where I made coffee, bacon and eggs. As we ate I could see she was thinking. “A penny for your thoughts,” I commented. “Oh, I’m just thinking how happy you’ve made me and how I don’t want this weekend to end. We don’t have to go home today, do we?” “Not ...