1. Chloes new Mistress part 2

    Date: 6/4/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Body modification, BDSM, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination / Submission, Enema, Female Domination, Lesbian, First Time, Humiliation, Latex fetish, Author: Looking4mistress, Source: sexstories.com

    Chloe hung there suspended in darkness. Slut had no idea what was to become of her except Mistress Jai's personal slave. She couldn't see or speak thanks to the blindfold and gag. She was naked, but worst off she was left naked and horny as fuck. Her pussy was still dripping wet. It has been 4 or five hours perhaps longer. The room was cool as she could tell from her sensitive pussy. She shivered, thankful that Jai hadn't returned, but pissed being left like this. She thought she would continue to play along as a good slut, but eventually escape or get revenge. Jai was sitting in another room a camera was inside the room. She noticed slut squirming and seen her pussy was still wet and dripping. She watched with an amused smile upon her lips. As she reached over and pressed a button. On camera she could see and hear the muffled screams of slut. She thought she was alone, but even outside the room she could punish the little slut and break her further. She had lovely plans for this slave. She had planned and hoped Chloe would take the bait. She knew Chloe, but Chloe didn't know her. It started two months ago when she first spotted Slut in their local mall. She had a private investigator follow and record everyone she talked to along where she went at all times. Yes the fee was huge, but the prize was worth it. She even got slut's best friend to deliver the message about the website which every user was her so no matter who she messaged Jai would still get it. Now the little ... slut was in her control. Jai gets up and decides its time to continue. She elegantly walks out of the room her heels tapping on the floor. She carefully opens the door and closes it behind her. Down the hall she enters the room slut was being kept in. She enters the code into the panel and the door slides open. This catches sluts attention and she freezes where she is, suspended at Jai's hips just like she was left. Jai's accent breaks the silence. " I hope you now understand even if I am not here I can and will punish you slut." She smirks as she speaks to her lowly , but sexy slave. Her soft hands run up and down sluts sides. Walking over to the counter she Jai reaches over and and grabs an enema cleansing bag. She feels the 4 quart bag with soapy warm water. She lubes the cock end just enough to slide in. She pushes it into sluts anus. Slut tenses and tries to squeeze her rectum close, but no use. she squirms only to have Mistress slap her ass harshly. " Mmmmph." Is all that is heard from slut. Jai gets the enema cock nozzle in place inside sluts anus. She then begins to squeeze a small hand pump. Slut squirms as she feels the object begin to grow inside her and ass and whimpers through her gag. Jai pays her no attention as she now unleashes the warm soapy water into her bowels. " Such a good little slut getting cleaned for Mistress." Jai laughs as if the slut had a choice. All slut could feel was the flow of warm fluids rush into her anus and deep into her bowels. She ...