1. Gray Jedi Ch. 4

    Date: 6/5/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Fan fiction, Non-Erotic, Romance, Author: auguy86, Source: sexstories.com

    Gray Jedi Ch. 4 “There it is,” Malik said, pointing at the star map. “I’ll program our route to the Dagobah system.” “Excellent,” Serra replied. “Oh, incoming transmission from Alderaan, encoded.” “I’d bet that it’s Bail Organa. Put it on screen.” As his face appeared on the monitor, Malik said, “Senator, I apologize for our abrupt departure.” “Think nothing of it, Malik. I had anticipated something like this might happen. I’m just glad you two made it out without issue.” “Thank you for everything. Your hospitality was so gracious,” Serra said. “It was our pleasure. And, I hope you don’t mind but… last night I had a crew of my men board your ship. They restocked your supplies and filled up your fuel tanks. That should last you for a month or two, with any luck.” “Wow… that’s very generous of you, Senator,” Malik said in surprise. “It is the least we could do for you. Again, you will always be welcomed as friends on Alderaan.” “Thank you, sir. We’re breaking contact now.” “Very good. Oh Malik, one last thing. Have you considered what to name that ship of yours? It’s frightful bad luck to be flying a ship without a name, you know.” “Well, in my experience, there’s no such thing as luck. Still, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. Thank you again.” “You are quite welcome. Organa out.” “We will have to find a way to repay his kindness,” Serra mused. “Yeah… I’ll think on that.” They continued on for a few minutes in silence, until Serra asked a question that had been bothering her. “I ... know Master Yoda said he was not angry, but… do you think he’d expel us for what we’ve done?” Malik smiled. “I doubt it. What could he expel us from? He himself said that the Jedi Order is finished. No, I think he just wants to be sure that we have thought this through and that we proceed in our relationship in a healthy way. One that will not lead to the Dark Side.” Rubbing Serra’s arm, he continued, “No matter what disagreements we may have with him, Master Yoda will always be a friend to us. I have no doubt of that.” “I hope you’re right…” Serra sighed. ***** The ship lurched as it exited hyperspace, arriving at the Dagobah system in the Outer Rim. The large, green planet loomed ahead of them, and both Jedi got the same feeling: this place was strong with the Force. “Wow… so much life down there. I’m not finding any civilizations or urban areas, though. Master Yoda could literally be anywhere on the planet,” Serra said. “I imagine that’s why he decided to hide here. Nobody would come look for an old Jedi Master out here,” Malik grinned. “Still, we’ve felt his presence in the past. If we channel the Force together, I bet we could pinpoint his location.” Serra placed the ship back on autopilot for their approach and turned to face Malik in the chair beside her. The two joined hands, closed their eyes, and sunk into a deep meditation together, reaching out with the Force. It was quite difficult, but after almost ten minutes, they finally picked up a faint sign of familiarity on ...