1. My Parents Trying Out Their New Bi-Sexual Fantasy On Me!

    Date: 6/5/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Bisexual, Cheating, Cock & ball torture, Consensual Sex, Domination / Submission, Extreme, Hardcore, Incest, Older, Pegging, Group Sex, Toys, Author: ICEEE, Source: sexstories.com

    My parents and I used to have an incestuous relationship when I was younger. It is a long story which I will tell one day. For today, I will tell the story of my visit to my parents home last night. Unfortunately, my parents live hours away from my wife and kids so we haven't done anything together for almost a year with one another. I miss having sex with my Mom while my Dad used to watch. So last night, I was greeted by my Dad who let me into their home. I said hi and went to the living room where I was greeted by my amazingly hot mom. She was wearing a pvc top, thigh high stockings and killer pvc boots; the most striking and erotic thing was that she was just walking about in only a pair of black lacy French knickers, very snugly fitted and exposing her ever so curvy butt cheeks! I instantly smiled and couldn't stop smiling at my mother; she introduced herself as Mistress and gave me a quick kiss. After a short while, they gave me a drink to calm me down and asked me about my bi-sexual boundaries. I've always been bi curious but have never tried anything with my Dad. In my nervous response I told them I was up for anything so long as it didn't involve pain and scars! I was worried by me saying "up for anything" as it may severely push my boundaries! Anyway, it was too late, and now my heart was starting to race in anticipation. My Mom (Mistress) then led me into the bedroom with my Dad following behind. She undressed me, discarded my clothes and then led me into the en ... suite where she assisted cleaning me in the shower. As soon as I was dry she blind-folded me, put my hands in cuffs then wrapped some kind of tourniquet around my balls and cock! She said I was to call her Mistress from now on and gave me a safe word to use! I was not allowed to speak anymore or refer to her chap at all. She said that she was not my mother. Mistress then led me back into the bedroom and hung my cuffed hands above my head on to a hook that I believe was on the en suite door. The tourniquet was making my cock and balls pulsate, I was now starting to feel very vulnerable and my heart was racing even more than before. A feather type object was then used to caress my body focusing mainly on my genitals. The feeling of the soft feather moving over my constricted balls was now starting to make me ooze pre-cum uncontrollably, Mistress realized this and started to play with the end of my dripping cock. Scooping up some of my own juices, she then rubbed her fingers around my lips and then pushed them into my mouth, forcing me to taste my own pre-cum! She continued this routine for a while. Then off came the tourniquet from around my heavy cock leaving the one around my balls and she proceeded to suck me, slowly deep-throating all the way to my balls which was a new experience for me, making me wither as I was still cuffed to the door. I then exploded deep into her throat and mouth and she quickly stood up and gave me an unexpected French kiss! Swirling her cum laden ...