1. She Stole My Wife Ch. 04

    Date: 6/5/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: magas911, Source: xHamster

    Jimmy is back, better than ever.Part 4 Jimmy Breaks Free I slept well that night, and awoke Monday morning with my mind still in overdrive. I took the day off from school, and spent the day writing, recording, and sending finished material to a friend in the licensing and publishing business. Shortly after lunch, my fax machine rang, and went through the familiar start up sounds. My cell phone rang immediately as well. It was my friend. The fax printed out a contract and all the needed paperwork to get my work licensed and copyrighted. I had sent 3 finished songs, and several fragments of ideas, all of which he loved. He had clients looking for material just like I had written, and encouraged me to finish the rest, because he was certain everything would sell right away. He also asked me to send all the stuff I'd written for school and church use over the years, anything I hadn't already published, and told me to begin arrangements of my new songs for school groups. He was so convinced these songs would sell, that my entire school music opus was likely to sell on my new songs' popularity coattails. I didn't argue, and that fax machine remained busy for the rest of the day, and indeed the rest of the week. &#034What took you so long to start making money off this stuff, it's really good! I'm glad you're doing it now, and I'm thrilled you sent it to me, but I'm really ticked we didn't become millionaires together years ago! Jimmy, I've been after you for years!&#034 His ... admonishment really hit home. All along, I could have had a bit extra in the bank, but I had always been reluctant to relinquish control of my songs. Suddenly faced with the financial difficulties surrounding a divorce on top of the costs of supporting a son with such significant developmental issues, I was f***ed to take this step into a second career. Besides, just think,, if I had pushed to sell my work back then, Andrea would be collecting half of the royalties as part of a divorce settlement. This way, it was all mine. Driving home from school on Thursday, my agent called again. Two songs had sold to a prominent country star, who had been looking for filler on a new album. However, it didn't turn out to be filler. He liked the one I had written first, the &#034my divorce is final&#034 song, so well he wanted to title the album after it. A third song had sold to an R&B singer, a young up-and-coming star. She was actually rushing to add it to the program of a benefit she would be performing the following evening, and she wanted me to attend. I'd have front row seats at the show, and an invitation to the after party. Who could resist? And Karen thought our big date would consist of no more than dinner and a movie. I called to make dinner reservations, and reserved a room at the Plaza as well. I left Karen a message that our plans had changed, and she would want to dress up stylishly, but that our destination was a secret. Things were definitely looking up. Friday I came home from ...