1. Daddy Kisses are Heavenly

    Date: 6/5/2017, Categories: Fiction, Incest, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com

    Lynn…. I was back in my bed now, rubbing my pussy. Trina came and crawled in bed with me naked. She snuggled up to me and ask me if I saw everything. I told her ‘Yes!’, and how hot it was. “Your daddy showed me so many new things. I’ll never forget this night. I wish you could have him do it for…. would you want him to do that to you?” she asked. Of course I said “Yes!” She smiled and said: “Oh Lynn,…. he gave me the mega hots and tingles. His tongue can do things to my pussy I never dreamed of. I’m pretty sure I had one of those ‘orgasms’, because it felt so damn good. Getting to feel his big hardon was so awesome and sucking on it got me so hot. I didn’t know guy’s cum came shooting out and your daddy’s was hot in my mouth. The taste was exciting and I had to swallow before he put my mouth back on it. It was warm and I liked the feeling. She had a plan. She would play like she was my daddy and ‘do me’ like he did her pussy. We turned out the light and got under the covers. She took off my nightie. She laid me down on my back and started feeling my titties. She pretended she was my daddy and tongue kissed me. I started getting those hot feelings again. She moved down and sucked my titties so hot. She kept going down and parted my legs wide. She did to me what he did to her. I felt her tongue going up and down my already wet slit. It was awesome as she licked and rubbed my clit. Her tongue was warm and wet as she now put her fingers inside my pussy. My hips started moving ... with her fingers. I felt almost dizzy with excitement and sexy pleasure. She moved back up and whispered: (“…do you want to try it?”) I gulped out a quiet..(“..yes”). We quietly rolled over so I was on top of her warm body. Now I was my daddy and tongue kissed her real hot. I was trembling inside as I slowly moved down to now do things I had never done before. I kissed down to her titties. I did what I had seen him do. I sucked her nipples as she squirmed. It was hot to feel her titties an squeeze them as I sucked them. She ran her fingers thru my hair. I could feel her wet pussy on my tummy. I took my time playing as we both got real hot! We both moaned a little as I then moved down further, kissing and licking her body all the way. I was so nervous as I reached her pussy. I gently put my tongue out and licked her wet slit. It was beyond exciting as she moaned and squirmed like I did. I slowly put my tongue inside her pussy. I took my other hand and rubbed her clit. It was so warm and slick. I had to have some air. I pulled the covers over on one side to breathe. I felt her hands on my head and raising her pussy tight to my tongue. She put her hand on my fingers rubbing her clit and rubbed them firmer and faster. She started fucking my tongue and shaking. She started moaning and whispered: (“…your going to make me orgasm Lynn!, keep going!”) I did….until she stiffened up and shook. She let out a long moan and moved my head all around on her pussy. I think she had an orgasm. We ...