1. First Kiss #8 - Fuffy 6

    Date: 6/6/2017, Categories: Celebrities, Lesbian Sex, Author: Dawn_Summers, Source: xHamster

    B.t.V.S. - First Kiss #8 - Fuffy 6 &#034F-fuck!&#034 Faith gasped as she was brought to her climax by the blonde's tongue. Her body was shaking as the woman climbed back up her body and laid down beside her. &#034Damn, I really got you going, didn't I?&#034 The blonde asked. &#034Yeah.&#034 Faith whispered as she sat up and got out of bed. Her knees were weak after her orgasm, but she managed to keep her balance as she walked over to the other side of the room, grab her robe and threw it on. Once again, Faith looked at the blonde she'd picked up earlier that evening and realized how much she looked like Buffy. Fuck. I go out to pick up some random girl, fuck her senseless, just so I can forget about B for an hour. Then, figures, I pick up yet another girl who looks almost exactly like her. Get the hell outta my head, B! &#034Okay, I think you should leave now.&#034 Faith said casually, not betraying what was going on in her mind. The blonde scoffed. &#034So what, that's it? Just get some, then get gone?&#034 Faith smirked, remembering her motto before she'd met Buffy. It had been a lifetime ago since she'd first met Buffy Summers. Ten years, in fact. Ten years tomorrow. Faith had counted every single day since she'd met the blonde, and she now celebrated three anniversaries because of her. Last month, on the tenth, was the ninth anniversary since the day she fell in love with her. Tomorrow was the tenth anniversary of the day she actually met Buffy. Then, ironically, the next ... day was the sixth anniversary of the day she would never see her again. Six years since Buffy left. Faith remembered that day with vivid accuracy. Buffy had been wearing a loose red blouse and blue jeans, as well as a black leather jacket Faith had given to her for her birthday two months before. Faith was dressed much the same, but her red blouse was actually a tight red T-shirt that left her belly exposed and revealed a substantial amount of cleavage, and she wore black leather pants, as opposed to Buffy's blue jeans. Both of them were walking on the beach, barefooted, just talking. They had grown closer and closer for a while, to the point where they were almost as good of friends as Buffy and Willow were. But Faith had almost always wanted more, and this was the day she told Buffy that. Faith couldn't remember what Buffy said, but it left them both laughing. Finally, Faith grew serious and looked Buffy in the eyes. Her eyes betrayed what Faith was actually feeling, and Buffy figured it out without having to be told, but Faith still had to say it. &#034Hey, B... I... I gotta tell you somethin'.&#034 &#034Go... Go ahead.&#034 Buffy managed, though she knew exactly what Faith was going to say. &#034I... I, um... Well, we've been friends for a while.&#034 &#034Four years.&#034 Buffy confirmed. &#034And, well, I've treasured every moment of it. If... If you hadn't been there for me after I killed Finch... I don't know, I might have ended up on the wrong side of a weapon aimed ...