1. My daughter’s best friend catches me

    Date: 6/6/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Teen, Teen, Teen, Author: hop, Source: sexstories.com

    I’m what I think is a normal 46 year old guy. I’ve got two kids and a wife that annoys the hell out of me, I ride hard and work hard, hate flip-flops and beer unlike the rest and I don’t do ball sports (it has to have a motor in it, go fast and be loud for me to be interested). What with a wife and two teenage kids, I don’t get much time to myself and after being rejected by the wife for over three years now (must be cause I’m an old, dumb biker, so she says!), I enjoy a good wank every once in a while. So it was to my great delight that I learned that the house would be empty on Saturday morning. My mind was now set on a quite sleep in, punctuated with bouts of wanking bliss while I watched porn on the DVD player. All was set and ready to go when the wife and kids came in and said goodbye in the morning. I had the best sleep in, I’d had in ages and woke up with my cock hard as a rock. I sat up and put on the DVD player and sat on the edge of the bed, ready to enjoy the show. Flicking through a few scenes, I came across a favourite of mine. A very young, hot blonde girl, thin and flexible, complete with long legs and a gorgeous ass, a topped by a small pair of boobs (hey, I always believed more than a mouthful was a waste…) The story said that she was trying to study but the gardener kept bothering her with his sweeping and hedge trimming, so she decided to tease him with a few careless, accidental, up skirt flashes and as you guessed, it wasn’t long before her mouth was ... around his cock and her panties were soaking. It was at this point I noticed the front door open … Ok then, strange… It was the middle of summer and we did live on acreage, so what the hell? Who cares? I knew I’d hear someone coming down the long dirt driveway. Remember that old joke: Q: “What is the most sensitive part of the body when you’re having a crafty wank?” A: Your ears! And besides, you couldn’t see into the bedroom if you stood at the front door anyway. After about 10 minutes, maybe longer, there was a very small and dainty knock at the front door. A young girl’s voiced called out, “Hello? Is there anyone home? Kelly?” I lunged forward for the remote and turned off the sound. It was too late. Again, the voice asked, “Hello?” I knew the voice. It belonged to my daughter Kelly’s best friend, Emma. Emma had the same build as my daughter, but with smaller tits and she would often come over to stay the night. I loved it when she did. She seemed to talk to me freely, even about the littlest things and hey, you can’t have too many pretty things around the house, now can you! I was sprung cock in hand. My voice, when I replied, crackled and sounded timid. It surprised me on how bad it sounded. “Yes? Who is it?” I asked. It was at that point that I heard the screen door open and she walked in. I pulled the blanket over me as she walked in asking, “What’s doing, Mr. Hop? Long time, no see. Who’s in here with you? I thought I umm, heard voices?” Her voice trailed off to a stammer ...