1. 108 Avis and Jon visit tony

    Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster

    108 Avis and Jon visit tony Tony had kept his word Jon and I was invited over to his house for dinner one day to meet his wife. Their k**s were grown and out of the house so they had ample room to receive guests either for an evening or overnight stay. Jon rang the door-bell; Tony opened up and greeted us both then invited us in. He shook Jon's hand and moved up to me and kissed me on the lips. By now his wife had come to the door and I was nicely surprised; she looked about my age, nice figure, nice large set of tits hiding behind her dress top, a great pair of legs and really good looking. After Tony introduced Meg, she kissed Jon on his cheek, but came to me and in an even bigger surprise, placed her hands on my cheeks, drew me in and planted a long deep kiss to my lips. &#034Tony told me you were lovely&#034 she said as she pulled back, &#034I'm glad to know you&#034. I told her it was a pleasure to meet her too and the four of us went in and settled down in the living room. Meg had some drinks ready in the fridge and rose up to get them, passing them out upon her return. Tony had me sit on the sofa while he and Jon took the two lounge chairs. After passing out the drinks, Meg settled down next to me and we all chatted for a while. Meg had placed her hand on my thigh and had been softly caressing me as we all drank, glancing towards me now and then with a pert little smile on her lips. Talk soon turned to dinner and Meg announced it was about ready and we all went into ... the dining room for dinner. Our meals finished, we went back to our places in the living room we went and Meg served up another round of drinks. I was starting to feel good and noticed Meg had moved closer to me on the sofa. I heard Tony ask Meg; &#034Doesn't Avis look nice honey?&#034 With that Meg placed her hand on my cheek and softly patting it, &#034She looks divine&#034. I didn't react to her touch and before I knew it, Meg moved her hand behind my head and pulled me towards her. Our lips met again as Meg kissed me with more feeling, her tongue searching out my open mouth. She moved up more to me and wrapped her other arm around me, firmly embracing me as we continued to kiss passionately. Somehow I heard the doorbell ring, my mind and body being distracted by Meg`s deep kisses. When she pulled back I now noticed another couple had come in and there before me was another woman also about my age. &#034Lynn darling&#034 Meg said to her as the woman leaned in and the two kissed. Breaking apart, &#034This is Avis&#034 she said, waving her hand towards me. Lynn moved over next to me, leaned down and cupping my face in her hands, drew me to her lips for a long, deep kiss. &#034She's gorgeous&#034 Lynn said as she backed off, still softly caressing my cheeks. Lynn then sat down next to me and without waiting for any cue, turned my head towards her, &#034Kiss me darling&#034 she said softly and again put her soft lips to mine. As we kissed I suddenly felt a hand on my one tit as ...