1. 108 Avis and Jon visit tony

    Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Mature, Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster

    within my already aching cunt. The feeling was indescribable, with the taste of Lynn's cunt and her juices running into my mouth and Meg's dildo fucking me hard and deep, I was so overwhelmed with passion I didn't want it to stop. &#034You like that cunt whore?&#034 I somehow heard Lynn say as she lifted my head up. &#034Oh God yes&#034 I answered back, &#034You taste so fuckin' good&#034 I added as she drove my head back into her wet cunt. &#034You suck so good whore&#034. &#034Make me come you whore&#034 she added as I increased my sucking of her cunt. Meg now began to add to my pain and pleasure by slapping my tits really hard, sending them flying from side to side, &#034Fuckin' whore&#034 she said aloud as she continued to pump my cunt and now bruise my tits with her hard slaps. This lasted for however long I didn't know, but ended abruptly as Lynn let go of my hair, pulled away from me and in her place her husband Don had sat down. I was so lost in euphoria that I barely had time to notice the change, when I felt a hard slap across my face, &#034Suck my cock whore&#034 I heard a command. Looking up, there was a huge cock starring down at me and a hand grabbing my hair and once again I was pulled towards another sex organ. All I could do was open my mouth as Don rammed his hard cock into it and began pumping my mouth with his cock for all it was worth. As I sucked his cock, Meg had stopped slapping my tits and pulled out of me, but the void didn't last ...
    long. Before I knew it, Tony had come over and now rammed his hard cock deep into my already aching cunt. There I was, being fucked at both ends by two beautiful, hard cocks. A sensations of mind blowing euphoria sending me into a world of sheer delight, a feeling of pure and total delight as any woman could ever feel. I gave up thinking of time. Even when the two men switched places, I remained in such a far out state of mind, I just took the switch and never really felt as Don blew his load deep into my cunt and I barely noticed Tony unloading into my mouth. I almost gagged, but came down enough to swallow his hot, sticky load of cum. They both pulled away and left me half laying there, still lost in space over the treatment I had just received. A few minutes passed and Jon slid in next to me, &#034Well honey&#034 he started, &#034Did you enjoy yourself?&#034 I wearily looked over at him; &#034Oh my God&#034 was all I could say as he now caressed my cheeks. &#034You looked great&#034 he told me. It was a few more minutes before I came back to earth with my senses that Jon then told me that he and Tony had arranged this evenings events, that they both had wanted to see me with the two women and let Don fuck my mouth and cunt as well. I also found out that Lynn had gone over to Jon and had sucked his cock off while I was being ravished. Words failed me as I felt my aching body screaming with sheer pleasure. &#034Oh Jon&#034 I started, &#034What a fuckin' trip&#034.