1. The neighbor up the road 2 (reboot)

    Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: True Story, Teen, Author: jh454, Source: sexstories.com

    First of a few, 6 so far, loosely (sometimes very) based on reality. Helps to start with 1. ******* After a couple of days in a daze, I headed up to her house to study. I knocked on the back door, her mom yelled for me to come in. She greeted me in the kitchen and we chatted for a minute. Shes upstairs, and then turned back to what she was doing. I headed up to her room and walked through the open door. Hey She looked great in simple jeans and a little t shirt, her hair was wet. Shes downstairs I mouthed and pointed. Our lips met, my hands slid under her shirt to her warm sides. I slid my hand down and grabbed her ass, pushing her towards me. It made me weak in the knees. We broke and settled into the task at hand, Algebra for tomorrows homework. We lay on the floor, going over the ins and outs of what formula to use where but my head wasn’t in it. All I wanted was her. I sat up and ever so quietly placed my hand back on the back of her thigh and moved it up caressing her leg though her jeans. She looked back and giggled, clamping her legs on my hand as it reached her crotch. I could feel her warmth through the heavy fabric. As best I could I rubbed between her legs as she dropped her head. The stair squeaked slightly so I quickly withdrew my hand. I'm heading out to pick up your brother, I’ll be back shortly, her mom called. My prayers were answered. We hopped up and watched as the car pulled out of the garage and down the drive. We stood in the window making out, we were ... getting better at this. Our tounges found the right rhythm and it was great. I slid down her neck, her skin tasted incredible. I reached up her shirt, feeling her sides as she held my head. My hand reached her bra, and I cupped gently, hands shaking slightly. It was my first boob. I squeezed gently making her moan and more forcefully go after my mouth. I gave her right breast a thorough going over, squeezing and tweaking as her breathing intensified. I rubbed my face on her tit through her shirt, kissing the top. My dick was throbbing as she pressed her thigh against it. I pulled her shirt up to her arms, she disengaged and pulled it the rest of the way off. I grabbed both breasts gently and ran my face against the tops and the thin fabric of her bra. She reached back and undid the clasp, giving me full reign as it hung loose on her arms. I was in awe, she had a high tan line from her time on the water, her small freckled pale perky breasts stood out, little pink eraser nipples at attention. I was unwilling to let go for a bit, my hands would not leave her fleshy mounds. We finally disengaging to let the bra fall to the floor. I sucked on her little nipples and kissed them like a rabid dog periodically meeting her lips. Her hand slid down to my crotch, gently probing for my dick through my shorts. She found him and rubbed gently, this nearly put me over the top. I was inexperienced after all. The garage door hummed to life. We frantically put ourselves together but couldn’t ...