1. Master and couple part two

    Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: Anal, BDSM, Masturbation, Author: Acebottom, Source: xHamster

    I left them for about an hour before returning to the room and I went over to the bed and untied Kelly and ordered her to stand. I moved away and went and grabbed a bench and moved it over so it was just in front of Steve. I then ordered Kelly to come over and lay on her back on the bench with her head closest to Steve. I grabbed a couple of cuffs and cuffed them round her wrist’s and I then did the same to her ankles and I then spread her legs and I grabbed a couple of short chains and clipped them on to each wrist cuffs and then on to her ankle cuffs so her legs would remain spread for me. I jacked the bench up so her face was level with his cock and I moved the bench closer until his cock was just above her mouth and I order her to open her mouth and take his cock inside her. She did as she was ordered and eagerly started to suck his cock but I ordered her to slow down as did not want him coming to fast, so she did as she was told and slowed down taking her time sucking on the head of his cock. I pushed the bench forwards and ordered her to take his full length. She shook her head and let his cock slip out of her mouth and she looked up at me and said that she could not do it so I slapped my hand across her ass and ordered her to take his cock, she hesitated so I spanked her again and this time she did as she was told and she opened her mouth and took his cock inside her and started to suck him. I moved the bench once more so his cock was getting deeper into her mouth and ... the way she was positioned it would not come out. I told her to stop and breathe through her nose as this would make it easier for her, which she did and soon I could tell she was doing better and taking his length better so I moved the bench one more making her take the last inch or more into her mouth and down her throat. I tied a rope round a pulley at the bottom of the bench and then rapped it round a pulley attached to the side of the bed and then to a machine which would pull the rope back and forth make his cock move back and forth in her mouth and I would be in full control of the speed that she would be sucking him. I turned on the machine and made it so it pulled about 3 inches out of her mouth then worked it back in tight so he was fully pressed against her face and once it was working I moved down the bench and swung my leg over it and positioned myself so my cock was rubbing against her pussy and she was so wet, soaked with both mine and her cum and as my cock got hard and her body pulled away I lowered my cock down and as her body moved back my cock slid inside her and I let the machine do all the work making her body move back and forth taking our cocks deep inside her holes. Soon I could tell that Steve was getting close to coming and just before her was about to unload into her mouth I stopped the machine and ordered her to stop sucking. Steve let out a groan of disappointment as he was denied his climax. I continued to work my cock back and forth inside her ...