1. If you knew Susie

    Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Hardcore, Incest, Spanking, Author: AngelaLoveX, Source: sexstories.com

    Susie sat in the bed as if she was posing for a pin up calendar. A lovely, petite vision with wavy brunette hair, dark almond eyes, a petite and all-natural body clad in pink lingerie and gold, spiky heels. She was far more beautiful than anything I deserved, although my wife and Susie would have disagreed with that. I stood in the doorway of the master bedroom, unable to move at that given moment. I was rooted to the spot as I took in the view of my daughter, awaiting me to join her in bed and make love to her. Susan – we call her Susie most of the time – is my daughter, although she is my adopted daughter. I have a real daughter as well, her name is Courtney and she is 21. She attends university and does not life with my wife and me. Susie is a few months past 18 and we adopted our treasured angel after Kristy and I discovered that we could not have any more children. A friend of ours, who works for Child Services, informed us of a 1-year old who was direly in need of a home. One look at Susie's sweet face and the three of us agreed Susie would come home with us. Courtney and Susie bonded for life after the first month. Unless it is to explain the circumstances to someone, I have never heard my eldest describe Susie as her "adopted" sister. They are the best of friends and I know they will be for life. I met my beautiful, blonde, crazy wife after my first marriage ended. I was then 22 and foolish; I married a woman because the sex was terrific. I ignored the warning signs ... that my first wife was – well, let's just say for the sake of brevity that fidelity was not high on her list of virtues. I was 27 and had barely been divorced a month when I met Kristy, a 22-year old, leggy blonde coed who was auditing some of my writing classes. After several intelligent questions, I made it a point to take note of this young lovely, with almost no ulterior motive – after all, I wasn't blind. When she stayed after class, she continued to pepper me with questions that were very on point. After about 5 weeks of this, she confronted me directly. "Are you ever going to ask me out for coffee, lunch or dinner?" She said, jabbing a perfectly-manicured nail into my chest. "If not, I'm wasting my time by wearing my shortest skirts and best high heels," Kristy informed me. I may have been unlucky in love and seeking tenure, but I was not an idiot. I looked at the blonde beauty in the leather mini and rectified my stupidity on the spot. A year to the day, we were married. Less than a year – yes, I do mean what you are all thinking – our wonderful Courtney came along. As well as being a wonderful wife and mother, my Kristy proved to be invaluable as a research assistant. Of course, she insisted on hands-on research. I was / am the author of a series of novels about a female detective who investigates crimes and mysteries that revolve around sex. My bride said that we needed to be accurate and at first, I balked. I'd been cheated on before and the wounds did not need to ...