1. An unexpected turn

    Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: True Story, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Teen, Author: Bigpoppastacks, Source: sexstories.com

    It was 4am the cold winter air broke through his scalp like if it was a razor, rex had never done anything like this before in fact he hadnt even kissed a girl, but this girl he knew was going to be special. Waiting on the wet ride on seats he knew this would have to be worth it. Kaylee was no ordinary girl, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and on top of that she had some of the best tits Rex had ever seen. As rex neared her home he called her up to let him in, she let him in through the window to her room that she had set up perfectly. Just seeing her in person sent a jolt through rex's pants, seeing kaylee with the tight tank top he could barely make out the outline of her perfectly shaped nipples and her beautiful hair waving straight down made him almost cum in his pants but he managed to control the urge. Before he knew it him and kaylee were making out all over her room. He felt her tongue explore his mouth like an oral cristopher colombus. Rex slowly took of her shirt to reveal her impeccable d cup boobs, and pulled down her pants to leave her just in panties. Rex's cock began to swell up and he could smell kaylees arousal in the air, until all of a sudden she started moving her head lower and lower until she reached his dick, rex couldnt believe his eyes but kept watching, he was captivated. He saw her wink and give him a devilish grin as she reached in his underwear to reveal rex's 7inch hard on, that kaylee gladly took into her mouth, not only did ... she take the tip but rex could feel kaylee try to take the whole thing down at once over and over again. His body was on fire and kaylee was the one who controlled it, kaylee saw how powerless he was with his cock in her mouth and took advantage always looking up at him like if she was a little pup missing its owner. Out of nowhere rex felt the much too familiar feeling in his cock and it seemed as if kaylee knew it too as she grinned with the erupted load all in her mouth, but all of a sudden rex came back to his senses and told her to clean up while he went to the bathroom, she directed him down the hall to the bathroom but as she was on her way back she passed by her older sister meghans room with the door opened just a crack and she could peer in and see her older sister being eaten out by her boyfriend, subconsciously kaylees hand went in her thong as she started playing with herself knowing how badly she wanted what she was witnessing. Rex walking back from the bathroom saw kaylee fingering herself to the older sisters pleasure and rex knew exactly what to do. As they came back to the room rex closed the door and locked it, kaylee was just about to say something as rex threw her down on the bed slowly kissing her from the lips down, kaylees anticipation quickly rose and she became much much more aroused, at that point rex pulled down her panties and started licking her clit slowly but with good rhythm that slowly got faster and faster until he heard the reactive moan, ...