Date: 6/7/2017, Categories: Fiction, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest, Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com

    I decided to change all the names and write a story all about this secret world I stumbled into. I started getting very horny just thinking about all that had happened…. __My story also started with my younger brother I’ll call him Paul. I had my best girlfriend Tina sleep over one weekend when my parents were away. As girls do, we wore our skimpy nighties with no bras or panties. It made us feel free and sexy. I warned Paul to keep his mouth shut about anything that we did. We watched porn, giggled and did sexy dances around the house. We knew Paul was sneaking peeks at us and that made it all the more fun. We bet he was getting turned on by us. Tina and I were going through our bi curiosity phase and at night were having our first ’girl sex’ experiences. What we didn’t know was Paul had first heard us and got turned on by it. Our rooms were next to each other and he listened through the furnace vent. Tina and I had started our curiosities by getting under the covers naked and feeling each others tits. Next time we fingering each others pussys. Next time we got real bold, we turned and licked each others pussys. I guess we got a little noisy as Paul listened and wanked to our moans. How do I know that?….he told me himself. We had a talk one day after school about sex. I sat on his bed as we talked he got a big tent in his shorts. This got me aroused to think that I was turning him on. Being so young, and being my brother, I never had any thoughts sexually about him….until ... now. I laid down next to him. He and I both were getting aroused. We began to talk softly about the thrills of sex. His eyes were locked on my tits and my cutoff jeans. He told me about hearing Tina and I and what a turn on it was…. whatever we were doing. His talk was arousing me more. He whispered that he wanked as he listened and It made him cum. When he said that, I got my first pussy spasm from him. Our parents came home and I jumped up and ran in my bedroom. I couldn’t wait to tell Tina what Paul told me. When I caught my breath and told her, her reaction was she wished he was a girl so we could have a threesome only with a guys cock to play with….Paul a girl? I’d never thought about that. We talked about the next sleepover and fantasized about Paul joining us as a girl with a cock. We giggled about it, but real thoughts in our minds began to form. It was really turning us on to talk about a real threesome with Paul. We devised a plan. After school that day, we went to a cross dressing porn site. We wanted to make Paul into a ‘Paula’. Young boys crossing dressing was a turn on for guy and girls?….it sure was for us. Paul was young and had the perfect body to be made up as a girl. Now to talk him into it. It didn’t take much talking as the reward was to ‘maybe’ have sex with Tina who I knew he liked…. and ‘maybe’ even with both of us. When I approached him with the idea in his room, I noticed he got an instant hardon in his pants. He thought real hard, smiled said: “Ok”. ...