1. Hot Cubes

    Date: 6/8/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: Ash_sub, Source: LushStories

    The warm water cascaded down my body as I scrubbed along to wash away the soap. "Macy!" I heard my boyfriend, Jake, call out to me. “I’m in the shower, Jake. Give me a minute!” I called out back to him. Having a spare key to my house, he usually let himself in and out as he liked. The key often came in handy when he planned surprises for me. I smiled at the thought and quickly finished showering, not wanting to keep him waiting. I pulled the shower curtain to the side and reached for the towel that I had kept there. I moved my hand around, failing to feel its soft surface. I finally looked up, only to see that it wasn’t there! Surprised, I cracked the door to my bathroom open and saw Jake sitting on my bed. “Uh... Jake? Could you pass me a towel? I think I forgot to take it with me.” Silently, he handed me a towel through the small crack that I had opened. I closed in my hand on it and pulled to see that he had given me a hand towel! It would dry me, yes; but it wouldn’t cover me! Almost as if sensing my thoughts, he said, no actually he ordered, “Dry yourself with that.” I knew that tone. It was not that of a boyfriend calling out to his girlfriend; it was that of a master calling out to his lover. ‘ So we’re playing again, huh? ’I thought to myself and smiled in delight. I quickly dried myself and taking a deep breath, I stepped out of the bathroom, naked as the day I was born. Before I could realize what was happening, I was deprived of vision as he blindfolded me. His ... fingers caressed me as they went from the back of my head where the knot of my blindfold was, down to my neck, gliding towards the front. His intrepid fingers dipped down to the valley of my breasts and stopped. Suddenly, they were gone. I stood there, with all my senses heightened, naked and vulnerable under his calculating gaze. I shifted my weight from one leg to another; the presence of his gaze on my body making me uncomfortable and vulnerable. “Come,” he said in a soothing, husky voice, taking my hand in his. My inner goddess rejoiced in knowing that I had affected him as much as he affected me. Feeling flushed, I followed as he laid me on the bed. Soon, I heard a click of what I imagined him to be opening, as I liked to call it, the ‘Box of Tricks.’ After a few moments, I heard him moving around the room and then his warm breath on my face. He smelled like peppermint, my favorite. I then felt him lifting my arms and tying my wrists together with some rope. I tried pulling them down, but failed. I figured he tied them to a bedpost above. By this point, my breathing was ragged and my pussy was moist with anticipation. My legs were then spread apart and tied to the bedposts on either side. I desperately wanted to ask him what his plans were, but I couldn’t. I was aware of the rules. I wasn’t allowed to talk; unless I was directly asked a question. And I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions either. I heard him going out of the room. For a moment, I panicked; I wondered if he ...