1. Addicted to Cum Part 2

    Date: 6/8/2017, Categories: Fetish, First Time, Gay, Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster

    Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. We'd had our share of bi experiences with other guys that included me blowing them and eating their joy juice from my lovely wife's pussy, ass, mouth, you name it. I'm addicted to cum. But I guess you know that already. My beautiful blonde 45-year-old wife with a toned, athletic body makes it easy to be thus. I'd do anything for her and have, loving my rather subservient station in life as her cum receptacle, her sex toy, her sperm catcher, all pet names my beloved wife has for me. There was this one guy she knew, Jack, a young stud (she likes 'em young, they cum lots and lots and can recharge on short notice, she says), who was eager to bang my wife's middle-aged but very sexy bones, but fell short of agreeing to do so while I was around. This guy was homophobic from the word go, if the Neanderthal could even spell homophobic, but Beth didn't care. Jack, all of 22, blonde, blue eyed, surfer body and drop dead gorgeous, had what she wanted, reportedly one huge cock, at least that's what her co-workers had told her. And if there's a big cock to be had, Beth will get it. She'd told Jack about my cum-addictive ways, of how I liked eating her full creampie, a huge load of cum in her pussy that ... other men had put there. She explained that I wouldn't touch him, I'd just watch, and be there to clean up the sexy mess he left behind. Still Jack balked, wanted no part of &#034being in the same room with no fairy,&#034 as he indelicately put it. But Beth wanted his big dick and like I say, what she wants, she gets. So she concocted a plan: She told Jack I'd be gone Friday night and that he should come over and feel free to fuck her as he pleased. Jack, ever driven by his male ego, took the bait. Little did he know that I would indeed be around and more a part of eating his cum than he would ever care to realize. I parked down the road and waited, and saw Jack's car go by. I gave them a good hour or so, which was part of Beth's plan, to give them time to warm up. Then I made the call. &#034Has he got a huge cock, honey?&#034 I asked Beth when she answered the phone. &#034Yes,&#034 she answered. This was also part of our plan, if the coast was clear she'd let me know. &#034How big?&#034 &#034Twelve,&#034 she said, adding &#034around 12 tomorrow should do, thanks.&#034 I laughed at her code. &#034Is it thick?&#034 &#034Yes, much more than we originally anticipated,&#034 she said, and I knew he was in bed next to her. &#034It's more than enough to do what we need to get the job done.&#034 &#034Have you made him cum yet?&#034 &#034No, not yet,&#034 she said. &#034I'll have to wait for your participation.&#034 I roared. &#034OK, babe, you get him warmed up good and I'll be there ...