1. Lily's Seduction of the Boy Next Door Part 3

    Date: 6/8/2017, Categories: Fiction, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Foot or shoe fetish, Older, Masturbation, Teen, Author: KG210502, Source: sexstories.com

    “Hello Heather! It’s me, Lily!” “Oh hello” she answered, yawning in the background. “I’m sorry, am I calling too early? I’m not sure about your sleeping schedule and didn’t-“ “No it’s okay. It’s almost noon on a Sunday, so just because I’m still sleeping in doesn’t mean you would be too. Besides, I should thank you again for keeping an eye on Timmy yesterday anyways. You must’ve really worn him out because he hardly had any of his dinner, just going straight to his room afterwards too.” “Oh, well we didn’t do anything special. Just had lunch and watched a movie” I giggled, remembering how the afternoon had ended with my tongue buried in his mouth. The image alone was getting my mouth watering for a second chance! “Speaking of Timmy. He left his jacket here yesterday and I was hoping to get him help about computers? He mentioned something about installing a software…” I lied. “Oh yeah, no problem. He’s really good with that stuff. I’ll send him right over” she answered. “You know Heather, I could keep him here a little bit longer if you wanted to get some extra shut eye. I’m sure Timmy won’t mind” “Oh could you? That would be so amazing! I was really not looking forward to leaving the warm coziness of my bed. I owe you one!” “Oh don’t say that! It’s my pleasure!” I answered. “Ok I’ll send him over now. Chat with you later!” Despite my excitement, I wanted to tease his patience first, see how he would react to me after what happened yesterday. Of course, the sports bra and ... tight yoga pants I had on was designed to make it that much more difficult for him. “Well that was quick!” I giggled, welcoming him in after hearing his footsteps sprint towards my apartment. “My mom told me…I…ughhh” he moaned, upon seeing my outfit. His eyes darted from my ample cleavage to my exposed stomach and then down my legs, until it landed on my bare feet. I just stood there for a second, letting him gawk over my body until his gaze returned to my face. “I thought I would take you up on that offer to help me workout. I hope you weren’t joking when you said it” I smiled. “No! no! I’d love to help!” he stammered. In his haste to get started, he actually tripped over his own shoes, trying to get them off as quick as possible. “Careful! Are you okay?!” I giggled, squatting down to help him up. Timmy turned to answer me when his thought was interrupted, staring at my tits that were now at eye level. Wanting to tease him more, I subtly squeezed my arms inwards, presenting even more cleavage for him to look at. “Let me help you up!” I smiled, leaning towards him and grabbing his wrist. I almost felt a little bad at how merciless I was at teasing him, but it was so fun! “Are you Okay? Did you lose your voice too from that fall?” I giggled. “Oh no! I’m fine! I’m fine!” “Good! I wouldn’t want your mom to think I was hurting you! Then you wouldn’t be able to come over anymore” I winked. “We wouldn’t want that, would we?” He didn’t know how to respond, just nodding his head and ...